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20x PLAYER PICKS Vs 20x GOLD UPGRADES! – FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

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what's up guys nepenthez here and welcome to a FIFA 19 pack opening video today we have got 20 player pic packs and 20 gold player upgrade packs and I want to show you guys just a little bit of a breakdown as to why I think these are ultimately not value for money firstly thank you for being here if we could drop a thumbs up that'd be much appreciated these packs cost you six rare golds and five common golds and give you one player sure you get to pick that player but you don't really get to pick that player you get offered four players you get to pick from and the other pack requires eleven common gold so no rares and gives you two players of course you don't get the option of picking from a bunch of those but you're immediately you're gonna get twenty players for two hundred and twenty common gold sorry forty players for two hundred twenty common goals versus twenty players for what is was gonna be a hundred and twenty rare gold and a hundred common golds so for me straightaway when I look at the value I'm already seeing more value in a two player upgrade packs because they're Cheevers across and they give you double the players the only thing that could be of a benefit to you is if in these player pick packs you get the option of taking something big but as you can see with this first pack this is the problem with them they don't have a minimum limit which means you could just open 20 and get shafted in every single one and so what it comes down to is which one is gonna give us the most high-end players you know the most like 83 and 84 or higher some eighty threes we can consider some we can't now don't get me wrong if we hit something big out one of these I'd be delighted it's not like I'm gonna be like oh no I hit one how wrong was I I'm gonna be happy but the issue I have is is that when you're getting offered from four tragic players I would rather two tragic players instead of the choice of one tragic player of course you you know you could hit something big doesn't look like we're going to anytime soon I did this as an experiment yesterday just for a tweet and I my Road to Glory account I built one of the one of these packs and it was it was dogged right there was no 80 raids in there is just 79s and lower and I built one of the two player upgrade packs just to show what you can get as we get off first east and player there in Filipe Louise and now my two player upgrade pack would you believe I packed the the Olivier Giroud card the you know the striker card and so I've got a special card an 87 rated special card from one two player pad versus nothing from one of these pads now of course it all comes down to luck and chance as we get our first walk out with Mira Lampe anich Felipe Louise and P anacs so far – nice cards 185 and 186 it it all comes down to luck and chance no two ways about it you know you could open ten of these and hit ten team in a knockout stage cards or whatever they are called these days you could open ten of these and get ten 79 rated cards you know ultimately it is luck and chance and when you're talking about giving yourself the best chance to get lucky is this the way forwards we've got 186 and 185 so far and now 183 now I might not hit an 86 or an 85 or an 84 or anything out of the two-player great Pat's but what I will get so we'll get double the amount of packs which is obviously gonna be sorry double him our players which in itself has some added value so when old you already take a window so when we look at what we already have and what we are what we could get in here this is this is tough after so far 16 of these one walk out not a single special card 186 185 184 183 and nothing else on top can we get one special card EA come on hit me with one special card two picks to go one special card is all I'm looking for here oh we hit a special car brand new team of the week Shack of there so we get one inform one low-end low-end inform and we end with Cass Steel's and so that guy's is worth these according to fat bin these were worth seven thousand coins so a hundred and forty thousand coins put into these packs and we've got Filipe luís pianist which is about what's that about 30 about 50,000 coins max unless uh you know about fifty thousand coins max 10k for this guy and few K for Laporte but that is what we got so one special card and then one eighty six eighty five eighty four and two eighty three s and let's be realistic that is shocking for that that you're putting that much tradable content in for that much untradable content but that's not to say that these are gonna be better value it's just that I think because you get so much more I don't think you should do any of them ultimately you know I think both of them are pretty much a ripoff and especially like if you know if ei had the ER I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna discard all duplicates even though they're I could discard tradable is instead I'm just gonna discard all duplicates you know if ei had team with an sorry what was it last year the best Worf are you know when like the best of was impact and it was just all of the best players constantly impacts during those occasions these kind of SBC's really worth it because you just got such a high rated chance of hitting something you know one thing or another during client teams like like times like this even when there is a promo team impact with the team with a knockout stage I still don't think it's worth it because the likelihood of you hitting one of them is so slim that you're ultimately trading in tradable players for untradable players that are worthless or you're trading in untradable players or more untradable players that are worthless whereas they could have been better served in either a league SBC or a daily SBC that offers a tradable pact you know if you can turn your untradable into tradable z' that's a big win or you could put those cards towards you know the icon SBC's you know the 8th 3 rated squad or the what's it called the world class segment and you know you can complete a knockoff of an icon and so on and so forth but if you're doing it like this where it's just ultimately me dumping hunt you know tens of actually hundreds of thousands of coins worth of untradable x' sorry of tradable for some untradable x' it just becomes not worth it I wanted to see 20 of those versus 20 of these and so far 20 of those are winning 20 the 20 player pick upgrades of winning because we've got to 83 and 84 and 85 and 86 in an in-form and so far on this one we've got 183 and nothing more the no 80 fours no special cards no new team of the weeks nothing that ha no that HMDA la a record-breaker card as impacts so far we've got none of that and we're just sitting here with the you know the low-end stuff but we're only half way that wouldn't work we're not even halfway through the packs and it does just take one packs change it all but it all comes down to again it's it's it's a game of luck and chance and I believe that you have more chance at luck in these because you get 40 players for your 20 packs instead of 20 players for your 20 packs because like in one of these and some some somebody you know some people try and make the point and it is a valid point is that you see four players per pack so you get a you get a choice but let's say you get all players in they're all 90 rated you can only pick one of those 90 rated in this if I get two players and they're both 90 rated I get both of the 90 rated now I mean we're dreaming right we are dreaming about 90 rated but I'm glad we at least got one walk out in P a niche with nine to go here would be nice to hit a walk out or a special card or some description just so that we can give some kind of combatant to it but so far these 82 these two player upgrade packs have been terrible 183 so far and so I guess on that note in terms of just flat-out players we've had more luck in the first air packs but once again you know at the end of the day I think both of them are irrelevant I just kind of wanted to show what you could get now obviously the 86 in the 85 the philia pillories and The Pianist there are real nice to go into an SBC but it comes down to that point of if I offered you 20 players with an 86 and 85 and 84 and 83 and an in-form versus 40 players which so far we've only got 183 what would you take I mean you probably would take the 86 and 85 versus what we've had here so far so the upgrade packs so far are absolutely winning in terms of this 20 verse 20 but what we can do dudes if you guys want to see if you guys are interested we can do more of these if you want to see another 20 verse 20 or 30 verse 30 or however many verse however many just let me know like the video drop a comment in the comment section if you can do your own experiment as well go and build five of each and then tweet me the pictures of the fives oh and like if you don't have many coins don't do it if you're like a flush coin the count loads of coins loads of players and stuff and you don't mind wasting the coins to build five of each that would be good to see but other than that don't do it if you don't have coins but if you or even if you wanted to build two of each and just be like Oh walk out come on special card it's an in-form isn't it no it's not we do get walk out though Argentine striker egg ye let's go and now these are more worth it and that's why is a game of luck and chance we get an 88 rated Gonzalo higuaín that is fantastic that is there you go that I mean he's worth Wow 33 K for an 88 really am I seeing things right here was I wrong with how much the 86 is are worth I thought they were worth like 30 K the 18 K okay so there's actually only 28 K's worth of value in the 86 and the 85 versus Wow 88 of 33 K as unbelievable so cheap that really is so so cheap but we get a huge walk out of one of these and it kind of throws things up doesn't it because now I've got a massive walkout bigger than the other two combined and double the amount of players so yeah I'm confused myself so guys if you want to build one of each two of each five of each and just tweet me twitter.com slash nepenthez or favor and retweet the the fun packs that I see that are good but here we go our last pack it's been about even in terms of total value because of the in-form and because of the two big cards that we got it's been about even one massive card in this one versus two good you know in 86 and 85 the difference maker in these ones is the number of players and so just because of the sheer volume of players I think the two player upgrade packs would have come out on top in terms of value back especially considering they're cheaper to create but that was an interesting little run there guys 20 and 20 only one special card that is gonna be the end of the video you want to see more let me know by liking the video thank you guys for watching and I'll see you next time I'm out peace