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20 Classic Pokemon Fan Theories That Actually Got Confirmed

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20 times Pokemon fan theories turned out legit.
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Pokemon was such an important part of our childhood and, for many of us, it’s still something we love to this day. There are too many Pokemon fan theories circulating the internet about both the video games and the anime to count, but it turns out, many of them are actually true!

There have been so many stories going around about Mewtwo’s origins and we’ll get to the bottom of it once and for all. In terms of where Pokemon lie in the food chain, it seems like they’re just underneath the humans of the world. It also seems like there are tons of Pokemon who prey on other Pokemon. It’s a Pokemon eat Pokemon world out there where only the strongest will survive. Watch to see all of these confirmed Pokemon fan theories and subscribe to CBR to stay up to date with all our content!

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Pokemon was such an important part of our childhood and for many of us it's still something we love to this day there are too many Pokemon fan theories circulating the internet about both the video games and the animate account but it turns out many of them are actually true wait the internet had something true on it that's crazy before we begin hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with CBR and ring that bell to become part of our notification squad so you never miss a video without further ado here are some Pokemon fan theories that have been confirmed mr. Fuji created Mewtwo the Pokemon video games have never directly addressed the question of who exactly created Mewtwo but there were plenty of hints that were eventually confirmed in the pokémon origins anime series it was revealed that mr. Fuji the old man who lives in lavender town once lived in Cinnabar Island where he worked as a doctor there was also a Japanese Pokemon emerald event where the player could travel to faraway Island didn't capture Mew the sign on the island has a signature that Japanese fans believe belongs to mr. Fuji suggesting a connection between the two the Volcom on origins anime later confirmed that mr. Fuji did create Mewtwo in the past special the contents of the GS ball at one point in the Pokemon anime ash travels to the orange islands to collect a mysterious pokeball and brings it back to Professor Oak the mysterious pokeball was the GS ball which was half gold and half silver fans speculated as to what could be contained within the ball for years and ash took the GS ball de courten Johto after this the ball is never mentioned again and we never learned about its contents fans had speculated that Celebi was the Pokemon inside of the GS ball due to its status as a secret legendary Pokemon and masa Mitsui hidaka had since revealed that Celebi was in deep land to be inside the GS ball and would become a major character in the anime and I especially look forward to seeing how good he really is the end of the anime it turns out that ash Ketcham journey was almost cut short as there was no plans to extend the Pokemon series beyond its original initial planned run of 18 months fans had speculated that the original series felt like it was going to end with the indigo league and ash defeating Gary since the orange island storyline felt like it came out of nowhere Misaki Yohan had confirmed that the Pokemon anime was planned to end after only a year and a half of episodes which was considered to be a fairly long run at the time due to how successful the anime series was it got extended and will likely now continue to run for years to come the baby of Jessie and James the longest-running Pokemon ship has to be the one between Jessie and James considering their male and female duo and we've seen pretty much every single episode of the anime fans have long speculated that Jessie and James are meant to be together some people thought James might have been gay due to the effeminate performance that Erik Stewart used when voicing the character but this was an invention of the english-language dub so it shouldn't be considered the electric tail of Pikachu manga actually gave a conclusive answer to the romantic fate of Jessie and James the series showed that do of the married and expecting a child in the epilogue of the series with meows still at their side you're gonna like the kind of person I've grown into the deleted girl in red and blue fans had speculated that there were plans for pokemon red and blue to include the option to play as a female character but it had to be scrapped during development this was partly inspired by the character of green in the Pokemon adventures manga who was a female rival of red this theory was proven to be true when the artwork for the pokemon red and green guidebook was released the cover of the book shows red blue and green facing each other while each has one of the three cantos starters at their feet this confirms the idea that a female protagonist was planned to appear in the game but it was likely cut due to technical issues so you're finally here fantastic the identity of the other Kanto badges there's a long-running meme about gary-oke in the anime and video games we've sure you've seen this image a million times since it's impossible to have more than a gym badges in a single region the gym badges that Gary's show to ash mostly come from gyms that are unaccounted for in the Kanto region fans had speculated that other gyms may have existed in the Kanto region but simply weren't official gyms yet it turns out that other pokémon gyms may have been planned for the Kanto region in pokemon red and blue since there are unused names for several gym badges in the code of Pokemon Red and Blue lasting bond that is created between trainer and pokémon makes them even stronger humans dated Pokemon I'm sorry what in Pokemon diamond and burl you can visit the library in kennel Aves City and read up on the myths of the sinnoh region one of these myths confirmed that humans and pokémon used to marry each other in the past this piece of information was censored in the International versions of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl but the book mentions that humans in Pokemon used to eat together at the same table humans in Pokemon were once considered to be equals but the Japanese version just happened to do it in a much creepier fashion time to deal with this nonsense hey ash give me a hand sure the playground rumors were true there were so many bogus methods created by fans promising you'll encounter a mule it may have taken until 2003 to discover but there was a way for players to acquire Mew though you could hardly call it a legitimate method it's possible to acquire a Mew before you reach the second gym in pokemon red and blue thanks to the mucilage which allows you to start the process off a battle but lets you put it off until later allowing you to encounter a Mew it's also possible to catch a Celebi using a glitch called the Celebi egg glitch which allows you to breed any Pokemon in the game including a Celebi if you want to know more about these glitches check out Bulba pedia I can't believe how ash could talk to me like that after all we've been through Ash and Misty were meant to be together we mentioned earlier that the Pokemon anime was supposed to end after 18 months but there's also evidence suggesting the first Pokemon movie was when things should have ended the reasons fans suspect this is due to an earlier preview of the film that shows some intriguing footage that never made it to the final version of the movie the preview shows an older version of misty with a young girl seen with a Pikachu fans speculated this footage was from a flash-forward sequence that would have acted as the end of Pokemon and that it proves one of the oldest theories Ash and Misty loved each other the kid must be Misty's daughter with Ash's Pikachu which suggests that she also is sash's daughter how crazy is that love wins in the end the name of Ash's Pikachu in the island of giant Pokemon episode of the Pokemon anime we saw subtitled versions of the pokemons dialogue when communicating with each other and they continued to speak while only using their names this episode led to speculation that some Pokemon might have their own personal name different from the one given to them by their trainer that are unable to tell their trainer about their actual names and sake can't speak a human language besides meow that is the electric tail of Pikachu manga actually confirm that Ash's Pikachu was called jean-luc Pikachu in reference to Captain jean-luc Picard from Star Trek The Next Generation the name jean-luc doesn't suit Pikachu at all and we're certainly not warming up to it long as my buddies with I can go anywhere ash fights a real t-rex the Pokemon video game series has been unclear on the topic of real-life animals existing in the world that aren't Pokemon the Pokemon video game references some real-life animals in the pokedex entries and the Pokemon anime include brief cameos of real-life animals but that's about it this led to fans wondering whether animals did really exist in the world of Pokemon it seems that the Pokemon movies who are going to answer this question as Takeshi shudos plan for the third film was going to involve the discovery of a dinosaur fossil this fossil would be resurrected as a real-life Tyrannosaurus Rex that Ashton Team Rocket would have to face together the movie also would have described what happened to the real live animals that existed on the planet before the arrival of Pokemon the fate of Cinnabar Island the version of Kanto that appeared in pokemon gold and silver was a lot better than the version we saw in pokemon red & blue fans had speculated that the reason Kanto was so bare in pokemon gold and silver was due to the fact that Game Freak didn't have enough time or the capabilities to include the complete Kanto it turns out there was truth to this theory as unused Maps or Cinnabar Island were found within the files of the game the version of Cinnabar Island that appears in pokemon gold and silver was almost totally bare since a volcanic eruption destroyed all of the buildings the unused maps indicate that the gym would have returned and would have been used as a battleground for the fight against Blaine the return of black and white the fact that pokemon black and white 2 were the first direct sequels in the series led to rampant speculation among fans concerning a cameo appearance by the protagonist of the original games a lot of people expected there to be a climactic battle against the main characters of pokemon black and white just like how gold battled red at the end of pokemon gold silver and crystal it turns out that one of the protagonists of pokemon black and white was planned to make an appearance in the world tournament 2 mode of pokemon black and white 2 data exists for Hilda in that mode even though she is in assigned any Pokemon she must have been cut at a very early point in development sorry Hilda I want to know trainers AZ's floette AZ is a mysterious character who you encounter several times in Pokemon X&Y was the former king of Kalos and designer of the ultimate weapon Haizi had a beloved flower at which lost its life who were turned AZ and is brought back to life at the end of the game hey Z's fluid has a unique color scheme which is different from the other flowers and many believe a Z's fluid would have been given away as a part of a special event when fans finally got the chance to go through the files of Pokemon X&Y they discover that a Z's flower was indeed programmed into the game it's known as the internal flower flower and possesses unique moved called light of ruin humans Pokemon and the food chain the pokedex entry for Sharpedo in Pokemon moon confirms the long-standing theory that humans eat Pokemon the entry states that sharpedo's were hunted for their delicious dorsal fins the Pokedex claims that sharpedo's were the victims of overfishing which is all too real of a problem in real life shark fins are used to make shark fin soup which is considered a delicacy in some parts of the world and it's not any different with sharpedo's a Pokemon eat Pokemon world the Pokedex has offered several scenarios where pokemon hunt and devour each other the pokedex entry for vileplume and pokemon sapphire claims that the grass type Pokemon uses its large petals to attract prey then uses its toxic spores to paralyze the Pokemon so it could be devoured if you've played Magikarp jump you may also have encountered an example of one Pokemon eating another since your Magikarp can be snatched up by a Pidgeot who flies away with its dinner the purpose of the altering cave pokemon firered/leafgreen and emerald contain locations known as altering caves which only contains zubats the fans speculated that there was more planned for these bare locations it turns out that Game Freak and Nintendo had plans for the altering cave which would have involved wonder spots the idea was that you would been able to change the Pokemon that appear in the altering cave by using the Game Boy Advance wireless adapter at special Pokemon events this feature was never used but all the files can be found in the game the mysterious deleted Arceus event pokemon diamond and pearl introduced Arceus the deity of the pokemon universe who said to have birthed the universe and created both humans and pokémon Game Freak created special events that can be used to encounter secret legendary Pokemon and fans expected this to be the same with Arceus but instead it was given away directly through a trade it turns out that an epic confrontation did exist within the files of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl through the use of the azure flute but you have to hack into your game to get it as it was never officially given away I want to tell them that people are no longer afraid of them that they've nothing to fear the official missingno portrait missingno is the name of the most common kind of glitch Pokemon that players would encounter fishing outside of Cinnabar Island in pokemon red and blue and it's unique to the International versions of Pokemon Red and Blue fans have often speculated whether missingno and its ilk could be considered canon or not and it turns out that one person who is officially associated with the Pokemon series as referenced missingno and the glitch Pokemon in his work he uploaded the art to his Twitter page which was considered by many to be the first official recognition of the glitch Pokemon the Pokemon that comes from so you come to interfere the Pokemon multiverse as the Pokemon series progressed fans noticed that discrepancies had started to come up in regard to the timeline of the series things just didn't line up properly Pokemon Omega Ruby and alpha sapphire confirmed that multiple timelines exist within the Pokemon video game series with every few games being separated into their own eras it's possible that all of the timelines and multiple realities will be ignored if the rumors about the upcoming Pokemon games for the Nintendo switch are true but the only time will tell well there you have it did you know about any of these Pokemon theories are there any we may have missed let us know in the comments section below also if you haven't already subscribed to CBR to keep up to date with all our videos thanks for watching