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11 Korean Builds to Copy in Patch 9.8 – League of Legends Season 9

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Patch 9.8 has brought some amazing picks and builds to Korean Challenger, including Kayn, Neeko, Ryze, Nautilus, Camille, and Draven.

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This video is for: Anyone looking to find the best champions for Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for advanced players looking to gain quick elo by abusing meta picks relevant in top Korean Challenger.

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hello summoners and welcome back to another pro guides Opie Korean builds video my name is Kellan and today I'll be going over some of the latest and most Opie builds that have been rising in popularity in Korean Challenger a bunch of you guys have been asking for our personal recommendations on this topic for quite some time and luckily for you we have a lot of connections to Korean challenger so we can give you the best and latest builds to help you stay one step ahead of the competition we made sure to include new builds for every role so you can pick from a handful of these to try for your next couple of ranked games and also we've heard your feedback from the previous video and have implemented some of the changes you guys recommended it into this one so thanks for all those comments guys and let's get into this video let's start off with top lane Nautilus recently received a ton of huge buffs in patch 9.8 and he's pretty much being played in every role right now except for ADC a lot of pro players have been finding success with him using a full ap build and the build goes something like this you want to take aftershock with inspiration trees secondary with biscuits and free boots and then you want to rush hextech proto belt as your first item and transition either into a Morello or a slightly tankier build with zhonya's quite a few pro players have been going a Luden's echo for the increased burst potential and trust me there is a ton of burst in this build you can very easily 100 to 0 your lane opponent after you get a bit of AP with your full combo and there really isn't that much counter play given how much crowd controlled Nautilus has I've been playing a ton of AP Nautilus in the top lane and I highly recommend you try this one out in your next few games you will not regret it next up we have rise although rise is an STR pick for competitive play he's hovering around a b-tier pick for top laners in solo queue however there is a new build that Ryze can potentially use to move up to a tier 4 our mid patch analysis video instead of a traditional full AP route a lot of Korean challenger players have been building righteous glory as their second item they are basically itemizing rise to survive all of the bursts from champions like chase and riven by taking aftershock and purchasing health items on top of all of that pro players have almost always been going defensive boots combined with a Morello nomicon or zhonya's for bonus tanks this build path is definitely situational but it should work out most of the time we've even seen this build pop up a few times in professional matches which goes to show just how powerful this route is Leslie we have one of our favorite champions here in the top lane and that is Nico don't worry on it Nico is not coming back anytime soon so you won't have to worry about getting nightmares from that build again however something that is seeing more play recently is g-o-p and glacial augment Nico topling this build is being played quite a bit all around the world right now and many pro players have been spamming it in soloqueue with some great results the build consists of glacial augment with time warp tonic and the domination tree secondary for a taste of blood and ingenious hunter you want to grab yourself a corrupting potion first item followed by dark seal and then finally hextech GLP this build is extremely effective versus melee top laners because of the ability to not only kite them but also catch them and assist in ganks and you can neutralize them no problem on top of all that this is a bill that the lower ELO's haven't caught on to yet so playing this will catch your opponents by surprise try it out in your next few games and let us know how that goes down below all right moving on to the jungle Kane was long overdue for a buff to his shadow assassin form and that's exactly what he got at the start of patch 9.8 currently the cooldown on his II was reduced by an insane amount and now it's only eight seconds at all ranks even with the massive eBooks the majority of players have still been going red Kane but we're starting to see some blue Kane more often in Korean Challenger many junglers have been opting to the shadow assassin form if they get a lead early game and start building some full lethality items the concept is to basically one-shot your opponent's back line before they one-shot you it's a risky all-in type strategy but if you're fed there really isn't much that the enemy team can do the build goes like this you want to take electrocute for the increased burst followed by the precision tree for more damage and coup de gras and triumph next you want to finish your warrior jungle item followed by any ad item that provides lethality if it has it then you buy it you're going to want as much damage as possible since you're becoming a full-on glass cannon I'd recommend trying this out in a few normal games first so you can learn how much burst you truly have and make sure that you practice a few more games before jumping into ranked while it's true that can was almost completely gutted from the jungle a few patches ago it is surprisingly making a decent comeback right now this isn't because she's sleeper rope in the jungle by any means but it's more because people have forgotten how to play against her even the players in Korean Challenger forgot how aggressive a Camille can be in the jungle and don't really respect her early game on top of that she recently had an attack speed buff which helps her clear her camps by a small amount for Camille jungle you're going to want to go press the attack and then the inspiration tree secondary for the free boots and futures market next you want to go your warrior enchantment followed by a trinity force and hysterics cage or guardian angel while it's true that Tiamat was nerfed quite a bit and has a very high price point that's what your futures market helps you do to get your Tiamat quicker some Camille jungles will not be building this because of its low efficiency in the jungle at the moment and farming junglers don't really have a place in the meta right now but it's still an important purchase on Camille alright next up we have middling Morgana has been sleeper Opie in mid lane ever since her rework and a lot of our analysts are surprised that many people aren't playing her right now hex tech GLP and glacial augment is tearing up the korean ladder and currently it is one of the highest wind rebuilds in the entire game it's really easy to play and almost always does the most damage in the game due to how strong she is once you slow your opponents with g-o-p and twin shadows it's really easy to be hit by the binding followed by your pool and your ultimate there really isn't a lot of counter play to this combo unless they flash or take cleanse so make sure to tilt the enemy laner with this combo the build with glacial augment followed by domination with taste of blood and a genius hunter is the same as some other champions right now and just as we talked about with Nico top lane and currently a lot of our es are building this as well one heads-up though is that Morgana is probably looking to be nerfed on patch nine point nine so make sure you abuse this as much as you possibly can right now and grab that free LP I almost always recommend this build path for people who want to climb while manning mid lane because of the easy learning curve and high damage our next village champion is exactly the same champion that we covered in the top lane and that's Nautilus once again as we said Nautilus is being played in pretty much every role except for ADC right now due to those huge buffs that he received much like the top lane you should take aftershock with inspiration secondary followed by a proto bail rush into either zhonya's or Morello this play style is pretty simple and quite fun as well because of the extremely high damage potential you want to start your combo off with your ultimate to ensure that there will be zero counter play to the rest of your abilities then follow up with your cue and then face roll your keyboard from there this build path is especially opie in the mid lane due to how squishy and a mobile most mid laners are so give it a try it's lots of fun moving on to bot lane carries there weren't that many changes made to ADCs on this patch but we have seen a few new builds popping up and becoming more popular in korea to start things off klepto man see Draven has been seeing more play recently and several professional ADCs have been spamming him in ranked klepto has some nice synergy with Draven's abilities especially his passive and it allows him to stack up some easy gold during the laning phase just make sure to not overestimate your damage with this build and play a tad less aggressive simply because you do not have a damaging keystone for this build you want to take klepto man see with the precision tree secondary for over heal and bloodline or alacrity followed by a bloodthirster rush next up we have virus although in soloqueue he is a rather uncommon pick in competitive play he does see a decent amount of play with his on hit build and now he'll see some even more play with the reworked wit's end the on hit style field for virus has become even stronger and has a decently high win rate in solo queue the bill goes like this you want to take lethal tempo followed by the inspiration tree for free boots and biscuits then rush a bork into a rage blade and then into a wit's end with this item path you'll shred through tanks like a hot knife going through butter and it does take a bit of practice to get good at him though so make sure you play a few normal games beforehand finally let's talk support support is another roll that didn't have too many balance changes this time but lucky for you we have some hidden dopey builds for this patch that will make your opponent's want to pull their hair out one thing that we're seeing a bit more in Korea right now is klepto man see Lulu's support imagine playing as Alistar or Brom and just getting constantly Auto attacked by a klepto man see Lulu in the bottom lane not only does she generate a ton of gold from klepto but she's always propping her spell thief which will eventually generate a ton of gold you can easily get to your art and censor much quicker and then the enemy will cry you don't even have to out farm or kill you or lane opponents just getting the free gold with your setup you'll come out on top on the laning phase automatically for this build you want to take Club demands he followed by the sorcery tree for mana flow band and scorch and I actually burst this bottom Lane a couple of days ago and it was so freaking annoying just hearing your spam laughs as she auto attack my support was a tilting experience and I'm even thinking of banning her from now on lastly we have our final Opie build for patch nine point eight which is kamil support and yes you heard it right the steel shadow is being played in the bottom Lane although it seems like a troll pick it's surprisingly good it works out pretty well her engage and lock down potential pretty much rivals those of Alistar except she has better roaming and ganking for kamil support you want to take aftershock followed by the inspiration tree for biscuits in cosmic insight then rush remnant of the aspect and then finally once you finish that you want to go to a trinity force if you're a head or a sterak's gage if you're behind although we've seen this before in competitive play a couple of seasons ago back with courage of the colossus camila support is back up on the rise anyway that's gonna wrap it up for our new Opie Korean builds video we would love to hear your suggestions on how to make these videos better so if you have something to add let us know in the comment section down below if you enjoyed watching this please hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more content in the future also before you go check out pro guides calm for our videos and guides made by your favorite pro players such as knight blue bunny foo foo and Mike Young also we're going to start uploading a lot more content within the coming weeks so make sure you hit that Bell button to be notified of every single upload that's it for now and thanks for watching we will see you on the rift you