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1000 Points in Ranked Arena!! // Pro Fortnite Player // 2,200 Wins (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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your daily YouTube livestreams and more in today for you I got some a ranked arena mode in four night the mode that tries to best simulate the tournament environment you see in the World Cup qualifiers and stuff like that it's not the same it's definitely not as competitive since a lot more people are getting in champ league but it is still good practice since you're facing off versus some of the same people you will see in the tournament last weekend so this weekend that just past Saturday Sunday was these solos for the World Cup qualifiers I did pretty well I got like they got like 70th in the semi finals and then yesterday I got like top 100 in the finals finals so we were pretty close to qualify we just had to we just got to work on a few things and you know we're gonna do on that today but looking forward we're going into the duo's section this weekend so this Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 to 7:00 Pacific 1/2 way no 4:00 to 7:00 Pacific there'll be seven to 10 Eastern will be the West Coast duo's tournament so you gotta qualify on Saturday in the semies to go into these Sunday finals which is the top one team qualifies on the west coast right is that right XL yeah it's one team gets to qualify west coast I think it's three on East so it's um it's gonna be a brawl for first but me necks off we got a few tricks up our sleeve and we're gonna do our best here so if you watch enjoys do be sure to drop a fat like on the video subscriber from you and if you want to cop some that fire merch head on over the typical that store link in the description below as you can see by the title this is a thousand points in ranked arena and we are at 982 I know my face is covering it you'll see it in game but I meant nine hundred eighty two points so I actually don't think I play arena that often but apparently we just got a ton of points so there's that in terms of item shop nothing really new except for the beast mode outfit and the bundles there's gonna be a new item shop update in about an hour 25 minutes so we'll see that during this stream and should be a lot of fun I'm wrong with black way don't we got the double black widows I got this stealth black rap on although the vine actually looks really cool have you did you buy the vine EXO that's the white rap that like glow oh there you go Sigma Chi the real MVP oh but there's three animated raps right now and they all look pretty sweet I want to know which one's your favorite I divine is really enjoy Stella black I I really enjoy the black widow of it that one's sick and apparently leaked the other Marvel outfit coming out is star-lord so there's that okay that's how they're gonna call us out now they're gonna be like the one with divine white guy said what are you talking about we gotta be unique unique I need one more a challenge to get hybrid the pink outfit and then I read got ruined and stuff for some reason even though I finished them they still pop up my challenges page which is really weird that's okay that is alright new season in once the new season droppin new season in 9 days so next Wednesday is gonna be new season season 9 what is gonna happen what do you think chat is the volcano gonna explode the volcano is definitely gonna explode oh and then there's also the new item coming out the into the shadows stealthy utility makes for a surprise and if I have to kind of covering it but it looks like a grenade or something I don't know is it a flashbang or something it's like a they hit news you can see it in the news section someone who cares in game challenges is the new ones smoke grenade I think what people that leaked it said it was I don't know if it's true but apparently you pop it and you go invisible for like a second or two or something I feel yeah but it was like it was way too like powerful before really you could you couldn't even see like maybe like it was very common right when I was first out and definitely we can literally run the cross then it can also cause a lot of yeah I think the frame issues later on yeah that'd be that'd be neat I say any chance we can hold yeah I'm a big fan of it especially if you don't have like a rift or launch pad or something yeah your lowest I think yeah you got the best lining though can you grab something or no yeah he's landing on the side of it he's down below oh he's right he's on me and you're out he's underneath he's in the bathroom mirror I don't have a gun so he's in the bathroom area you gotta give me a sec oh I got him dude don't worry you wouldn't ask I would rather he was a kid than use up North ones back what a savage what a savage well is there a respond van anymore no there's not it wouldn't be a bad thing right how often like I mean doesn't it suck that in order for you to like like it son Gabe you need to have oh yeah hey you can always get it through it it helps so much to have a mobility I don't now I'm gonna play a bit aggro here see what I could do here's one VDV probably did a way to Romina no he was just standing so it the mini innocence that's why I ran there how are you getting me there we go Brobee kept hopping up those so doing I call he automatic response always down it's still double ramps up right that's the next level plays man what can I say next level plays well 980 points let's go 20 points doc drop to 15 gamers do it yeah I haven't got to like I got a lot of riffs actually the other day but I haven't got a lot of like other stuff I think I might keep two big pots instead of the gladder redeploy just because like I have a launch pad so I can use that once Oh bro do you see this there's a gold pump on the floor air there we go let me turn you out backs off you're a bit low where you got to talk louder I don't know my bikes right here he's right here how far his own house owns owns a minute away huh mayor we'll take a lottery to play what do you think too big pot circle at a roadblock yeah this sounds really far away tough choice hey might just walk it I see no I feel was so bad leaving behind all this loot you like how I D guild him it was a classic deagle player oh please leave me alone I hate those situations when you're running your zone there's a team behind you well it's worse that I'm solo cuz then they figure that out I'm just using these trees to block their vision for me Oh oh my are you kidding me that's a nice job I'm sure glad you picked those heels up nah holy shoot chill these guys are psychopaths honestly you could just launched by the way you surviving is more important I'm getting a major head start or going to that going to that hoverboard is leaving but I think yeah that's that was a nice shot see I knew he's gonna shoot again but I didn't think he was in really that well I did it and then what and then when I got out of the trees he just watching me right there snipe me in the back oh I see them Oh God oh I messed up go to another team no no the teams yeah I'm trying to find one I just want them to see me see if you had a major head start it wasn't seen yeah yeah I didn't think that ballers though oh shoot yeah is this working that's one dude how am I not dead they've they've like can identify its mr. Schurr or abort or words you're right yeah well then we get this chest are you boy lose it okay please don't shoot at me oh yeah that's gonna do and then here's a campfire so annoying are you kidding me this is one right I couldn't do it hit a boat I hit him no no that guy still has I guess still has full oh oh yes not your trap no that wasn't my trap I was looking through I didn't have any traps I thought I was your trap that I was like way in I thought the trap killed him Arnie man darn darn darn please raise your experience in the last game what could I have done there I really wanted to as soon as you hear the ball just get your board and go away yeah well I was breaking out that left side to try to launch fit then he started breaking it and then the other guy started breaking my other wall so I kind of just decided I had to go into him you know yeah and you couldn't have edited up because you only play stupid you didn't break those one point yeah yeah that was the worst part but I hit them Nia would have been smarter to initially just rush that first guy that I hit for like 70 it's okay I think we broke even on points how many code you didn't have anything else we did not break even I lost two points that was our warm up guys warm up game warm up game we need 20 points so 20 points and this would be a 14 kill win shouldn't be too hard right yeah 14 yeah yeah what sucks is like if you're facing fairly decent people at the game and you're not gonna win a 2v1 you what yeah but what I'm saying is like if you're facing really good players you know things like if you're in the finals of champs the odds are like ninety ten you're gonna lose that fight to v1 sorry the finals of qualifiers are yeah this weekend if we go into finals and I die and you're to view one on two people pressuring you the odds are you die right the odds are like ninety ten you die now I'm not saying that they were super good or anything but I'm just saying like there's two people that you have to take out as opposed to one yeah yeah if I wasn't in that one I think I could have I agree I agree yeah I knocked one but it's just like the other ones already shooting me while I knocked that guy wasn't gonna say by the way the points doesn't matter for champs like if I have three hundred or a thousand points I'm still matched with people that are in champs it's not gonna match me with only people that have a thousand points yeah eggs-actly yeah the scary part about launching away from people with ballers is that they have ballers right Marilee the guy ripped it like eight times Mara we were chasing guy ballers and they kept drifting and launching away we chased them from I think we chased them from bridge all the way to the block it's ridiculous actually no I think it started I have factories and okay it was a factories cuz we chose partner I remember like literally me kill his partner he drifts away he chased him he Lance he rips again goes towards a block we chased them all into the block so from factory to the block first one killed like imagine how annoyed imagine thinking about you mean that guy right you have two hips and it's same two guys sort of back in shape they found literally across them that's well it's definitely a Twitter cool it was a yesterday when I was playing the tournament I was in the storm for me like all of it and like I used using a quad to keep getting out and I kept using campfires and apples to stay in the zone I land and I have like six health and I land on a drop so I have to defend like two people shooting at me to get this drop it has a medkit and a big pot and I get to full health as well and I think I got an RPG from the two I ended up getting second place that game it was like the most yeah why it's taking so long to load because we're doing ranked it takes a little while they're probably like five minutes in between queues guys I can't raise his mic anymore like max it out hello hello darkness my old friend I'm gonna play bass gone after this guy's so definitely doing days gone after this and then I'm gone no live streams from tomorrow to Friday as I'm gonna be in New York so if you guys live in New York and you see me say hi but yeah Tuesday to Friday no streams are gonna be in New York I'm gonna do my best to record some days gone for you to me post one or two of the days that I'm gone and then I think I have like a four night video that I can upload for one or two of them as well so be on the lookout yeah if you guys see me in public just say hi don't be shy do not be shy no woman no shy no woman no shy no sure we're cold dropping back sorry my throne so we're gonna practice with that ballers bowler stuck before it before to the stream we played one chat and I wind up with a minigun and destroyed all the ballers it's one way guys I mean business you're shorter I'm lower than the fish I'm lower than both right you're pretty low you're lower than me I don't know I don't know where the other guy is okay all the guys pretty low bow your Lord you have that job you have it it's yours good I didn't hit him for anything got it mini mini well I can't get up there all right Phil I got mini-story a shotgun and I'm good to go I got really like decent loop besides not having a shotgun I got an AR like I think we could dig this I can go up top if you want to go around here's a glider redeploy down busting out the side wall so yeah I got TMD from music which building can you mark okay I'm going around the side I see him they're busting out the back I'm 56 no shield on one pushing out you can push up there okay hit him hard with shotgun oh god I didn't have a helmet I have no mats I had no mats I had to try to side job well fish has no cool dude I had no matter I couldn't kill a fish right there but I said Justin I felt like that jeez I'm stuck you get any music Lily that's so dumb I could have killed him too hey I thought I had a pump row so I was there like trying to tag him from a distance with the pump and it's a freaking Takei music – nothing I jump to the left to place a floor and just quickly shoot him once oh I'll give me my shield back you don't even need it I have to how many milliliters we should probably go – no you go to the house we should go south and then the lucky or we can go town tell my nephew then actually no go go ahead go ahead it's more important all farm and then if there's any left over let's go get help first okay I'll get it come on the truck go really no shotgun for everybody here that's like I have one tack what's where this little metal crate thing nobody ever checks there others attack over there we can lead uptown we might be good to Stormhold somebody who's pushing it down as well good that build off over there huh was any base you name no they weren't shooting at me so they're having up to you yeah and I consistently shot Shula I pushed shop give me the fish guy I got him done a white all right memory which is right off cream at him jump to I tried a side jump to two foot knock him right but I had no Matt so and you realize that if I felt straight to the ground wait so you flint knock up and died no no I place the ramp yeah I know I know oh I strap he's in here Artie please strap here I'm at him and I did this and then I know Matt's I want to place for it but I couldn't that's funny there's a ball here let's go down I just wish it that's doing that hack others a sharp line up what was that noise alright I just heard something I hear no it's just my PTSD what this isn't looted yeah I got another shut up yeah well back over here sir perfectly what is Sheila oh my gosh got him he's in my bill nice nice nice nice you left them yeah well I'm lifting up where did you laughs that guy Danny tell me mr. not all that good wait where am i dynamite girl I'm dynamite in the bottom 16 no health no all up on this guy oh I'm dead this horse I flung myself that oh they're kind of really this isn't your kill bro get away why are you really was a kid who knock you know it's the guy I was shooting at one guide man I thought you were taking here the other guy yeah it was there was they all ran to you I ran to you no no at the end there though cuz I lit up a guy for he had 30 health left and then I shouldn't run down so I called out didn't know that guy right when you right he shot me right before he said it part of this just do it Yolo we can play another one if you do you kill them both oh come on just storm so far away I'm not gonna want me to fight put down with this cheese man those kids I shot everything off with them to like consistently I shot everything off of them I don't pay the light on it they don't see me how far is it oh shit everybody you're gonna die a storm unless you have any no I should be good I think I think you're dead how far is it it's about a mile and a half which is about an minute away the storms gonna be you might make it yeah I have this give what yes – reason – yeah I think it'll be finished it looks like he was moving away faster over here Apple oh hey how are ya bro these kids are freaks once they see me they're gonna push just go left around there and take the Geiser like I'm not shooting at you for a reason I hope you know that we could I got shot give one shot with it yelling get one shot eat a ham sandwich that shock and admirably hello oh no thanks you should've grabbed that they're gonna push push you anyway and we'll create – you're right yeah nobody five you I look not this right don't make it right make it right will be nice if you had something with rockets huh you start farming though there's six people on gave me this little bit of really good game huh hey not bad hi spider counter get a lot of metal from this building yes just cover up the cover up those sections lookey setups how much metal is that I have skewed leftover bandages here right do you have any mobility I'm like a launch pad I'd keep the flow huh I said I have an acre for my spray weapon sorry Chad I'm not sure what happened there whenever OBS gives up like freezes and closes I have this boat right so any person that runs it over yeah it ain't gonna be a happy ending for you on their own just make all the openings ears though you're scaring me yeah I know we're just put a ramp here you don't even have to do it that's a risky Andre watch oh they're even done I think the ceilings brick oh it's a beefy onion / Arenas serious why don't know point you're doing that keep farming or you got to move now go through the houses let's check joke yeah I see you go for a mam right there you're probably gonna got it though rather be safe than sorry man if you can get kill the same thing sir you got this I can hold those guys Wes you can they really launched the thing although it might be line up there they know nobody's on this well hope it goes the other way and then you can start tunneling it's a bit of a weird zone I'm really hoping it's oh that's gonna suck I could stop moving or you could wait and see if someone pops or if I just want to be down here yeah I mean there's two options right now you don't have a lot of health to deal with too soon what careful doesn't go to the right well I do do you not see the kids in front of you I think you go down you go down that was a war zone I could possibly have right there yeah that was the worst own that's so annoying yeah it's really annoying its okay eetz ohkey oh that's so everything dude all cuz you get that town is that nuts that's wild that is wild 22 points only ten more points place nobody got the kill on your right what yeah at least nobody got it I like the Avengers Quincy Brown that's what I want I'm gonna go watch Avengers and game they've already been doing it dude pumpka thanks for becoming member welcome Lee enjoy those emotes you want rinse well link in the description below shout out to a couple of super chatsters as well Shep everyone who's coming through watching hope you guys are enjoying the ASAP edits thing for that high dad's love the streams son Thank You ASA cape majestic whitey teaching love Ian Smurfs stream so much you're late thank you bro appreciate that big shad do you brother Trent mikleo hello teaching my brother oh hello my TIGI brother hope everything is well everything's great trying over anything is great with you man Dave Burrell can we play duo's I'll tell me money money more and try shaft to you Dave I appreciate that I don't play for it with anyone specifically though not even for money so there's that appreciated though Dave that's bad just to play a random deuce when I do it reflux clan what's up shout out to you Robert Colvin jr. appreciate the love Dakota Hardy you should take top two averages a limb per game to make that your goal of practice it might help yeah I mean that wouldn't be bad idea to Koda I think overall getting more limps is very important we get a lot of limbs end game though early game it's like one or two max and that's okay you let that ratio like you want most your kills to come from like end end game cuz like that's also the best chance to get placement points and everything so placement points are just so important for forgetting top was the top 25 huh there's a top 25 top 15 it's top 15 get in top 15 and duo's is equivalent to getting three kills so it's just so much more worth it to get placement right yeah so you can get total placement points of ten and two and that's from winning so to even equate that at all you will need to get 10 kills which isn't impossible but it's definitely hard for some pros D Adrian thinks that Aiden Rodriguez thank for that and Thomas fire thanks for become a member of welcome to leave me and enjoy those emotes if you want join as well link in description but no did you win finals I placed top 100 so I won like 250 bucks or something but no I didn't qualify for worlds yet hoping to qualify this weekend with excel what's your connection right now in this even on East ping is a huge difference yeah there's data to write anyone that top-10 has or than like 15 thing all right they'll have like 21 through 21 pause I was looking at it yeah there's a 20 or 30 seems pretty normal I think the highest ping was like 4550 even it done like this it's not just your pink right those players are also really smart really good they're also coated on the sticks too so yeah but paint does stuff like the wall ticking is BS the wall Tang is so pissed did you watch when Falconer took my wallet sorry oh he took it twice I should probably qualify and he knows something all right you know something I'm gonna I'm gonna ask him real I saw what she did he's a good player that stuff was sauce oh this dude laying in a tree you landed in a tree he's gonna die he's gonna die he's gonna fall to his death they're both there with no weapon I'm going I need to get a better gun I need like a long range oh I got an AR they're bolt in it why are they the other one took off running over here he's so screwed just can you spray that well he doesn't have anymore mats no Laurel are there here yes Matt sees bill 20 Wyatt we left right left right spray that last ball out he's right behind that wall okay oh how did he fool me yeah but we also got two kills I got a lot of Matt's dude once they saw them lay into the tree I was like poor guy boys shouting they are at that moment oh what a feelin right there yeah drop whatever drop into there I need hot drink up sir so get a pump here I have a poem by Justin Emma I have p90 I'm actually gonna fight yeah I'm really good by skin i ground yeah go for it I'm sending us to this there's two chests up here I gotta ref yeah okay I swear this gaem sometimes just randomly chooses where some stuff in your inventory goes is all formed out of shock and my five yeah they're building a rare this is wait until it Bubba yeah but even make it known that were here I'm looking behind estimation nobody sneaks unless he broke the chimney okay you're a spray the same guy same time okay look east yeah I see him let's bring another wall yeah they're just farming just let them farm for a bit we have this jump on them like we have enough mats to fight this huh yeah I'm fifty 104 215 I'm three two one okay just something I'm annoyed how patient they're playing it inside right now they're not patient there's forming that we're gonna have to beam one though to make this advantage worth it we already had the height advantage so I mean Oh hop out seriously like hurry ho oh my god ready guys three two one go I let him up I lit him up let's get out let's get out using your bad semakin bow break watching the back break it I'll break can you take it you take it way I'm bringing this up you take that wear thin oh I'm just break until done right here I think they're in this we're not here I don't say there's no open hole anywhere hello I'm here yeah they're in there where the drag them all at all he's up here I'm over here with them down from them drop them down there's a trap they're bigger I got it oh my game tabbed out hay sólo hizo la I'm going to high I gotta I gotta stop you steal my shotgun bring that thing back bro give me that thing back bro what thing I saw you picking up would you pick up it again oh we go pretty far dude I've a rift but definitely is that why how do i bandages a picked up the shotgun oh my gosh bro never wasn't shot then screw it I just picked up a glider a deploy there is no there was no spoon I'm trying to avoid all zone damage here leave no man yeah my mats are on the girl at least I have 400 metal all right that's the way about what a break which is pretty simple to people over yeah they're both trucking the USA at the moment brides I don't want to get hit once by storm Oh no I'm good oh poor Andre the 99,000 a killin watch you get pump for 199 it was so bad made us a base here when you get there fighting up there there's a free ball oh yeah Oh what why my face DUP I can rip this if we need let's just go out here here I'm gonna use builds for this I don't go up you're wasting bills come with me think they're right about the red boat yeah one side above let's get into the mine skin ow ow ow why are they playing like this I know I can almost get an advantage on your way not to hold them off or we can keep running it's up here I'm down okay brother houses you know all my shows gone I'm dead here yeah I'm gonna riff the scum I need to get to this place right here this hardship yeah all right we gotta beat them from up top get on top with a Houston beam oh they're fighting Oh think I'll we rift at huh I was go fist Oh pop differ more important I got a big pot for you this wasn't does that mean this kid still in this we gotta move you should get some ice and go over there fighting here how much w guillotine for some help yeah was a gun you're right just got you're right yeah we could take that quadrant and go in the zone you sold all skin the match in the mess yeah come get your high ground on we have the serious you got you there's a medkit here though I can enough I can chase him co-op in the room and uh I can't get the rest yeah I can't get into the rest there's a baller baller behind us you'd be a big deal good night you good yeah got one hit this rip edit guys solo right here yeah get this drop we should get this drop screw that guy Spiller power fighting oh my goodness bring this bill here do I can hold that rvj do you have RPGs when it's free loot right here where my mats and everything no one's on it it's far it's between the men they're over here okay well just let me come with you they're never gonna do that Yesi minis united oh I was gonna hold that hold what 567 but I'm using an infantry rifle so it'd be okay I have no wood but I'm watching southeast pressure he's still in that bill just watch over southeast I think you must have rotated them Oh hit him for 160 160 oh I've got Jimmy please drop me half loader minis let's go s1 nice show me through the only holes that you can see all right let's show ya they're back to where we were oh my gosh I got a heavy sniper really nice job nice job you could trade Reza's if you want one of them yeah I should have just traded Reza he's pushing up to me dude oh boy and bro I hit him for so much – I hit him for 160 and then I hit him again he was running right up the track I couldn't find his voice I think he dropped like 1 floor that trap sucks dude I hate the dart trap 19 more points tell about 19 more points good driver you try there were psychos yeah I mean literally every team in Reno is gonna do that it sucks dude the one spot I didn't put a floor you beat me for like 80 I didn't think you saw me so I shot him twice but he heavy snipe me while shooting no no the guy was shooting it that's why I think that if you're holding a heavy sniper and you get shot there should be way more flinch on it you know yeah you shouldn't have liked it oh you shouldn't have a free shot on somebody if they're shooting at you not fair the heavy snipers already freaking just okay well I don't understand how they haven't like nerf day yet I don't understand how people aren't like going crazy about the bow it's literally an RPG sniper blast radius less travel tough it's literally an RPG sniper does the same damage carry shock and I won so you gonna have 136 and keep spamming it it just does less damage to boats and the radius is a lot smaller yeah but it's so much faster like let's say your heavies have someone right yeah you have except someone and then or I both somebody right they box up you have a heavy sniper I have a bone there's no way there's no way no way they would know yeah because you'll just have you set the wall and I'll bow it because the bow is literally a second later the RPG you can hear coming at you all right you can get RPG coming you'll know oh you know what I need to hold this wall so I don't get hit the boat you don't hear that man Bosworth yeah cuz they'll be just healing up and then I don't know where RPG no bow shot here like there's no way possible doin all right no way they're healing up no I mean if they knew they probably would have helped loss but it's just so fast that you wouldn't know it the only counter to like not getting killer that is experimenting yourself in your box do all my unpleasant yeah done I was actually really good a busting for same for like this back here no no go for go for modern and the customer I go to the greenhouse that's where I always go you talking about these yeah because then we'll have this whole corner farm up and when those kids are fighting at those main houses yeah what is this there's like 40 teams going here but you had the lowest shop I'm on it right now yeah but it's not good I'm gonna get the garage and whatever floor loot I gotta bail way to debt no way Andre one tree I think you need kind of a pistol Andre come here please whatever you do I don't even care dahhh f– everything you didn't come here come here come here come here no way just did that oh my got attacked us down so look I had no gun come up here yeah I know gun he had a pistol when you stare right I got a trap and I way different to run up so he runs in I play strap or not I closed it oh my god i luckily got a bell right away yeah I like to got a trap right dude that was the most satisfying kill of my life thank you jumps into like all confident no you have no gun I place a trap above me so you can't even if we place this there anything there's no way surviving that right it's a pleasure it's above them and I read I run out I closer there behind me I covered us good theater Chris please please I want you to watch that I just look at what they get really wants you to watch I want the whole stream to watch that yeah build over yeah I hit on my three times I hit home like three times right with the big action gets a pump everyone said I got minis and the scope though we can go around about house they don't go that way my rotation is hour after these two places I go around a dog gossip gas station Chester there's another Bo here there's another Bo here oh they're fighting oh they're fighting let's go let's go just knock it down knock it down I hit that guy back there 84 in the hut you knock it down I got it Oh we shouldn't at different parts we're gonna try something that II wish me luck yeah we should it's right there that was really mean I waited for you to go to the other side because I didn't have anything I like pleas'd and I'm not gonna lie there's always two less fun and that's where you get most articles right pretty good yeah I mean I really like Pleasant want to practice this sure who's just practice so I'm really no factory solos but I just I don't want to risk this Toto fight this is oh that's way my risk you're gonna do alright you don't have something with you so I'd stay like two or three teams max with Dugger yeah two or three sounds right like including us to us cuz like when I line here for solos it feel like three other players and I'll tell you we're usually did drop here one guy would always drop this house and one guy would drop that blue house and then they go doghouse right that's why I like modern in this place cuz I'll have this whole bird to myself I'll have these cars these trees the thing is that like I think one or two of these houses as a basement – Allah knows – that one and this one we have to go check a rift or get a quad there's always movement here – if there's also a quad sometimes they're right yeah boards right on the tree why do you max everything from a nice neat brick okay that's the gas station that's right behind the brick there's a quad here I smell how are you it's a rift are you going yeah yeah I'll find me this brand right here there's three ribs here grab this brick yeah actually a Quadra would be better than the rift there's balls coming in is there a Chester bring one of these balls we gotta go I know I'll go once it's broken okay come I'm with you they're just really rusty because kids will shoot around things happening over there I just went in what does that mean I don't know that was the last one to go in for diesel oh this is now Luo a big son I almost nailed it what is so slow about the boost it's park it right in a little corner I don't think so kind of blue poem there's balls here but I don't know come here come here come here what wait for me at the balls it's one ball hey just move away from me there okay shut up come here wait wait Excel come here this is important this is 41 people it's actually pretty good that is all right you see this guy yeah take out your gun three two one it's on the feed we're like teabagging it I got a launch pad oh my that's a listen I'll define it on here okay I got a grenade launcher that's all I'm saying here let's go a little closer oh my it's a perfect party right we have bows and everything let's do it black widows go for it yep all rested oh come on there's four of them up there where oh yeah let's go back to pirate is we brought the ball too so it's nothing all all their two kids are there three kids yeah he's up there I just didn't break something he's so low for a fact I saw that did it go somewhere else maybe those two kids are pushing his teammate and you as I do just go play for yourself I'm dead yeah yeah like a Viet I seems like a floor I'm Way above he's on here down here take it I'm gonna take his roof yeah yeah I forgot I didn't have an SMG so I kind of like DFO Nate's like burn a laundress your trap nobody knows her name let's get high together actually let's get the quads let's go it's kind of weird I'm you shotgun mo when the other chance I have a my beau eyebrows I'm gonna keep this really low to the ground there's a kid down here I'm literally hot guy dude awesome it's over here the center and then it's a lot of free wood here right silly go at least 100 so we would free witness Chester I'm assuming fatal isn't loaded by the guy I came I came here in the worlds like just like the after I was done from pax and it wasn't looted nobody landed here yeah I was so surprised I found out gold I found the gold vending machine with three RPGs in it was the only option by the way what about express a I'm gonna do my pump oh look at my guns real quick I pumped my AR cheek oh what's that oh I'm gonna go Nate lodge it there's no way you're hitting the all right my boy knock knock wait hit him I hit the other one too he's balling out we're gonna break it I I hit it really hard one is buffalo broke it leave him lammle he's so low a lot of fat so low there's a ball here we can go push him I mean five glad to redeploy it yeah Lena's uses to build how much mass yeah for 100 medal I'm gonna medal it okay break whatever is his watch that watch that being a long time get me shooting out there built like their walls I don't know I mean it's hard to see but good things so wait why is it breaking that I'm breaking this that's good tell us on lighting in any notifications yikes I just give that gas station so we should hold people west if you can there's anybody there double have you stopping east these guys are here look at my marker don't love East Africa okay launching to array or 75 he's in there good make sure nobody Northwest West have Rebecca 100 cover this or else you're going to get hit one's really low hey 125 hey 125 white the white soccer skin is lit carrier Erica music I had them 100 on Tommy we should push this wheel is just can you push this oh yeah 100 let's just go come on gal keep putting pressure oh you hit me hard I need take a minute I have that floor I have that floor here is one coming up in 13 I'm sorry I'm bogey bunk like I said yeah oh shoot be careful don't drop down don't drop that yeah I have to use his rift there's a rift here somewhere I can't find it I can't find it oh my gosh dumb why would he even fight that he had no help no he broke the build OHS on honest him in the launcher no way I'm surviving we running through all that right look at this Jimmy oh my goodness I get it I get it I get it I'm in a pretty good spot yeah you're good I could not see the rift in oh my god huh boof they will not stop it you go to the bathroom you they pushed are you kidding me it really just does that wait a second that's not you did they bald over to me mini gorilla stinks thanks T TV kids so you can't expect less from that Nicolas thanks for becoming a member and welcome to leat enjoyed those emotes if you wanna join his will on the link in description below in Rodrigues thinking for that the Adrian Thomas fry and game made seven billion dollars in the first weekend is that true I can't be right I heard 1 billion seven billion Evan now feel easy I don't do any rates for money man Janet either we have Thomas fry again Nicole L and Joe Goodwin Tibbles a store for fire merged I agree Joe good looking now chief yeah I need 13 more points for a thousand that's this game you all my pleasant again and the kids that are fighting in front of us we can just go over there to take I a third party that's like yeah only like you please go in theater please I'm at like I just don't go in theater and check it out after no I don't want to wait in queue I don't want to wait too bad I already clicked replay oh I believe you I know you did I've done you do it a million times I know but I still want the street and watch just because they hadn't seen it before I'm sorry okay okay let's see it okay thank you next it's still loading for me come on replay there you go I'm watching you right now oh my gosh that's not nice they got bodies jumped in so aggressively you flew in ya bodied back that's funny you jumped in so aggressively do you hear that guy hey I'd be mad I feel like why did I jump in if you didn't have a weapon the thing is you could have got a weapon in there right but I'm saying there's a no the top part isn't there a weapon spawn there sometimes that's right he jumped in there you probably thought that there was I'll say I'd probably do the exact same thing yeah where'd you pick up the trap at New Zealand that's five it was in that room okay myself I can do this I still let it run upstairs let him run in take a shot or two and then I run down closed door what does he do exactly what I planned he jumps in so aggressively lucky Chuck he jumped in so far it took him to the other side of the corner right almost James all right I place the check I looked up place it ran out closed door boom come on that was IQ Cinemax don't lie to me high IQ plays high IQ plays chat can we get an IQ emote in chat please I have to wake up so early for the flight tomorrow I do we go but I think it's at like 5:00 a.m. we're sure you're asleep on the plane duck you don't sleep on the plane it's like a five-hour flight I think where's the four hours I don't remember it's one of those look at all the IQs and chat Jess rest happy freakin birthday everybody wish Jess a happy birthday that's what's up bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum oh we got another new member new member is Z gaming 22:5 welcome to eat and enjoy those emotes the first thing he does is post for Miku emotes that's the best thing you could have done Z gave me you're gonna fit in just fine bro you're gonna fit in just fine if you guys want to become a member as well you click the join button they see under the video or you can click the link of description below if that doesn't work or says join YouTube membership cliff at c– gaming thank you bro bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum all right so you wanna do something fun okay so the next three games that we play we're gonna pretend in this the three intro games to the World Cup okay so play it exactly like you would the World Cup so we'll do three and then see how we do we'll go we'll go more or less a bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump one of my the video from last night never processed yeah oh by the way do you say bathroom or washroom I say bathroom some people here say washroom she'll say bathroom I wanna I'm gonna tweet out a poll they don't wanna know I see I say please retweet for signs and then put a pull bathroom washroom all right let's lion Pleasant each of the games yeah yeah all right all right we're doing a fake turning them in right now check this is game one tournament I wouldn't know push down to those two you guys know I wouldn't have either but they were low either way I still wonder I just there's a billion people are yeah I only have I only have landing for that I might land on the pending you land on the vending machine area yeah you don't shoot one of us should learn they're a heck it only land here on their chest here get that – alright get these duties here I've shield to go we're gonna push that kid at off okay where is it he's going out the back side he's gonna have the back side white nice nice yeah I got many sweet I got ministry you got first and uh thing Esther any less Cheston here they're fighting by the way they're fighting over there big in their party after we get this just do you see if we threw that smokey right oh yeah they're in the middle of part I want further down near doghouse by gas station right record no damage I think this guy's a solo brother I believe oh behind this – okay where is it that guy in front this year oh no this guy fine Wes Wes Wes careful Wes I don't have much yep great hit him 136 on his boy seeing him do some knocking done hopefully yep we're at the back oh you got me got me you just face through everything running around oh I need help I got him holy smokes bro all right dear minis no that was good I didn't have a shotgun so does the worst part for me no we're not that far it's a new lake we go yep let's stay relatively low so this house is a little bit rounder so we know they've got first place skylines here yeah that's where they're landing for this week it was you would thank me or the randomly tried new places a lot of the people that get first place um puzzler just kind of like Lieut lake and pleasant is one of the most popular winning spots oh I got a bone here also Pleasant that's too many machines farm you know that yeah oh yeah this one over here last night where I don't know all their far down the ball one guys on hum report towards me right now come on come here rather any mark inspector with those sniper which I know there was the chest back there oh yeah I got impulses can be in this area just guys like stalking you right now hey they're both stalking hey one for Andre you speak to me you can get easy shot little for Andre and I'm both for 100 left or right this guy's alone right now yeah I'm gonna wait for it you you keep pressuring him I'm gonna discuss team it well the guys looking at me hit knocked here guy I'm gonna thirst your guy for you okay yep hit him no she'll know she'll kill them dude I told you they're gonna push me like these kids are weirdos I have there's a ball here I can grab no he doesn't there was a chest back there you go get the chest back there broken house go check it quick you have the mobility yeah bandages here definitely check the the thing of this time to check that might be worth it if you had the bandages might be full shield I found a riffs ago yes and I can check it it's downstairs Paula oh my god a circus that's what I'm talking about baby okay uh I'm dropping a heavy sniper here can you hold it I have one shoot should I double heavy sniper takes about yeah oh there's a kid in store that's gotta fly off house you better fly off what is easy I might beat that they're gonna shoot my ball out they're gonna shoot my ball out I'm coming here come dance no don't come to me I can help you I'm good I got it I got it good I'm good I'm good I just wanna back up yeah brothers good start freaks why are they trying to fight me that deep into the storm five minutes I have a surface might be a big part whose campfire get the campfire yeah look actually Holden let's do a sample campfire I'll build I'll build you just focus on healing I can't see into the store man looks like taking a campfire to slurp once I get 200 HP over and one 400 I'm coming back yeah once it 400 the other ones talking storm still we should see if we can or I could see if I could get one more bow shot on either colorblind six just now okay rare hair do you have a heavy snipe oh yeah oh he's coming over coming up break that oh he couldn't catch himself she should pushing me solo well this other team is below us he's underneath me he's above you careful got him nice job trying to find a shame it I don't see him he's right down here and in 40 yeah go yeah let's go oh we don't have to go that far I see up on the sill get up on this cell phone I might have to go down low just a bang on that but I was like enough to waste all my maths and all how much there's chest up there though throw away let me know what's him down here slurp slurp if you can get this I have a minis for you got one minute on here's a mini there's one more chest in there either it's keeping us it's a one dude oh it didn't even make a noise when you entered it he's I'm really here but oh my gosh I have a rip down there bro there's literally nothing would do this kid what is how why do we take so long to kill him I don't understand I don't know well the problem was he edited and made no noise on my own so he got a nice shot off of me I had a heavy sent me if we both just hop in and he couldn't run out of his box every three seconds – yeah well I was there I was just hammering his box oh my god I wasn't going in or anything I never went in on him well that's six points first game oh oh hold up hold up dude star-lords out ie that Marvel star-lord oh nice cars is that you know what's the back plan I'm buying this hold up don't forget to use code typical gamer guys oh what's the dance oh I love it honesty I got collect all these okay yeah oh that's dope oh look at the collider bro what look at the freaking glider are you kidding me yes that's so awesome like how he has a custom animation to in the lobby but his back bling isn't showing for me though invisible that is so cool I just want spider-man this is the only this last one no is it mm-hmm spider-man though that'd be so cool right I would be it looks weird when we're both pointing Mickey the glider is so cool oh I see the back lane I'm pretty sure Groot is on the back blank look at the back Langley I wish I could zoom in on it which eyes like stars coming out if I want to do a cool contra oh there we go all-star I'm Bob so we got six points first game that's not bad right right at egg zone we got six points off the bat that's not bad oh yeah like it's baby crude on the backpack look hey how you doing let's go Black Widow Black Widow like you already know oh I hit him fast like a tornado ttv by the way GG house group yo what up twitches closes down what are they gonna do then oh do you have a glider dude it's so cool all right what do you want to drop I'm probably gonna go modern I've better draw my JK but still pretty good wait you can't I said I was going you can't say it you can't change a drop yeah but I said I was already going it yes I messed up my drop how'd you mess up your drop cuz I cried I'm in mini for you okay I have the ultimate starter kit can you come with as many I have a grenade launcher smokes dynamite and a scope pistol Oh Talia wear that I shoot it at him I'm sorry let's go north I have a shotgun I literally have everything to push people have an 8k here blue AR or big pot big ball right do I have 500 would I even like asking going to the doghouse or what sure hump here for you grab this pump blows yeah coming to push up on us while we're climbing why didn't it build oh it's such a robber ruff come on a robber let's go into them they still UPS on my building come through an angle I see them blue house behind 460 all right I'm running up okay I've seen their limits to this house right here that's it a house tour one of them is I don't know if they both are there Oh the other brother I just 84 show the one at the very top 84 showed up okay I'm dynamiting the whole thing dynamite in the whole thing I did that rant better than rent here in this box welcome are they buffer below or what oh hey be the best I hate it shaaka never we go back to those two houses did they forget this house for now yeah they did these aren't losing they have lots of chess in there we have time so it's pretty far away but I want you to be in here though so as if rush up to you they're both the one box look in your direction I took the wall one pump dick so what I notice instead of like when you've hit the wall do you like scoping with the pump or you just lay out right no i scoped it all the time though and I always sit for over cuz like I used to open up the wall right the guy inside the base if you transfer me you'll always see me overall sure but I never do that much sandwich start pumping in it's actually really good yeah I won't pump so many people doing that just aiming oh my gosh no I just made it myself why is this roofs all brick do you know what brick house roof is all brick brick house truth is all great everybody yeah but the actual roof the wooden roof is brick the wooden roof of brick house is brick brick house brick house roof is all great everybody welcome to my TED talk let's start going his own unit ballers on this campfire it's one guy it looks like he's taking it you wanna drop let's drop down his buddies at the tower we're not gonna we don't have any advantage let's not take it yeah I'm SC but I just my ball wouldn't build okay what I can't build why can't I build they're not here I just gotta read the book you just cliff look I'm at I'm gonna read a play they're popping uh can't fire over their clothes bandages here well there's a Chester we're having this over here where I met to be old there's so many of you over there beside you I have to come out through here okay because they're aiming at me from the side I can get out of the ballet that way still Amy at me I'm out Chester oh my God we're so far thankfully both that read the play right no I don't have redeployment I give it up for minis why fifty managers in a campfire so you're chilling making many of the cannons where's that uh blew us and I'm gonna take that actually okay I really don't want to take a fight here I got crew on my bag what's up some guy don't know don't know I know you want to do I saw you gave up for it I just don't want there might be other feel around here I don't want them to know we're here we should actually take the quwata crasher that thing it's not gonna get us that far built a ramp front lots of bills for a left don't get shot out here Oh remember this spot grove street home elisa used to be Rose Street oh I'd never any just say it are you sure yeah they're for me I think qualified didn't he's a good player oh snap here we go again sure we saw a leopard very spicy but even it's waiting all this old that's new go chill right here on this clip what do we got no we should chill eat over here and build just cuz we don't got much mobility we don't got any mobility right here I want to build a medal here they could just box out wait isn't up here the same thing this has all the cards we're still there good call it comes I like you so much now these laws we can replace your bread yeah that's what I've been doing I've been doing oh I'll finish turn off my heart dude okay it's like painting I don't like it this is it nine-one-one okay if I don't reply to you what arises to save the dude in Chicago his heart doesn't feel good I'm gonna just text you my address right now why'd you go tell your parents bro this is gonna die live on strings do I keep the video up Gigi do a pointed eyes on the stream that's not more good at all yeah I'm looking through today it's very simple they just don't die plans harder than I thought rather than Maryland we're doing bad and then we're like alright let's listen to you one game if we wind up well you'll always be the first to face calls in the we want that's it let me make the calls against it hey there's a board here did you know how this goes up he's crazy we gotta expand out well we have the fattest tube right now I know like I made it thicker and attached it to your metal from the side real thick man's man's passionate about picking on you they got a tower above our base but uh is there actual brick down there trying to take my stuff you're annoying how much ammo do you got let's hurry for you like anybody start holding it would oh he shot me when you open that why'd you get shot at dude maybe wondering why I got shot at I saw it into the yeah it makes me feel better [Applause] somebody's gettin bowed oh that was me they were trying to bone me oh this guy right in South here we're good oh we're gonna come over here you box stuff one more freakin time do it I swear I swear there's freakin God dude I swear okay hey you shouldn't be over here oh no I'm just like oh yeah sorry I thought the zones or else mother shouldn't be this quick metal I remember this weird about it being this down here we should go up on yeah and up on this not with you do we can Old South watch out watch out watch out get this guy this guy oh I freaking hit him for so much you always hit the RIP – yeah okay anybody else coming south enough we stand like this I can shoot here with him for 110 we're good in the spot we're hitting the spot get the Easton I got minutes like a ministry we can actually hold people off now just saying SiC the other sick dude underneath us Aaron golf club I play I play I play miss you I play no why did you go for height you black me off come back down I got blocked off and then our team killed me yeah well of course I didn't mean that he goes yeah I had one but it wouldn't have counted yeah so what place here yet we got Stefan so that would be a check the rules maradona edit that and then absolution is an easy either right but then I got pressure from below me so there she is and then the guys from the other base machine my walk I still got out we got top 10 top 15 so that's five points and then we have four kills from nine points we had six and nine so far in our two games pretty good go get the glider now yeah five more points for a thousand it's actually how was that noise I like eight system sentence I have a lot of favorite dances right now kind of thing of absolute fingers though how I put on finger again she's already doing your guys right they complimented pretty nice I've been take the L from very special circumstances z gaming 2 to 5 it's CJ plays a ninja jr. whitey thank you all for joining and becoming members welcome Lee enjoy those emotes if you wanna join as well link will be in the description below well why is it keep making these noises stop you need Jesus that pleasant pie you already know plasm pie well I suggested it so if I didn't like it I like Pleasant I like Pleasant because like around here but nobody goes nobody goes on this Hill like no this hill nobody go but he goes there no sometimes to be going this slow right here no one ever goes in that which house should I get I'm gonna go to my knees I got another pump two pumps he went to the gas station I was scope there and when you for him to run that's not nice I saw you just showing there delivering your pump no shield would yonder where they're at doghouse we can go over here let's do that how many people landed I only saw them I see one team that'll be NICU nurse split up actually yeah he's in there so very susceptible today what is doing that to people kind of medkit watch the space right third party or we can go out towards gas station here at Ulta what do you think like I don't have shield by a shield by the way it's like when they're fighting it's really easy to take a shot from the side and they although they're pretty low do you think you want to go back in I think we should get this or we can go to Lou lake from third party anybody yeah there's no way they can get MHS in that time and if they're fighting them they're definitely not gonna know what do you think I really go back to Posner those side shots are I have a scope they are too that's why I ain't gonna be from a Barnes here might be better though because we can you want to try here once on the pit this is a little you go right building I'll roll up there's a blue vending machine see a big pop popping it just beware write it out here yeast getting this chest I got a big pot we have natural height it's gonna break out they're all on me dropping down come New Yorker oh he's here no no I can't fund that your floor oh my gosh stressful huh there's a lot that I doubt about right you're so confusing cuz I thought that floor was mine this one but it wasn't that's a lot of minis I did I guess he broke it I'm confused there's no way he could've broke that in time right so you didn't get audio all right how many points to be honest if I if for 15 points that's uh it's not bad for two games right well what would be a winning score that'd be like a guaranteed one yeah wow that's so that's literally a lot of points per game dude that's they could we literally can't make a game when we can have what we usually have one game where we dropped 20 points all right yeah all right no a man it's not impossible I dropped it I think he knows sorry how are you editing through my wall oh no I messed up night it down edit done I can't I couldn't edit I messed up like four times this guy just take the L when I to v1 is to get bodied ah what did I do by Exile effed the window open yeah you did but you place a ramp so you could close it no no I ya know I should just edit out of the back bro I tried to edit like three times the wall woulda just didn't go through I'm just watching it back that sucks alright how many points is that three right 18 points in three games all right we gotta have what's average of that the six points per game let's keep going I shoulda just kept build battling because I was clearly better at building them both of them right I thought it was much lower health that's why I box up when I saw that he was doing all the floors and stuff I should have put a bunch of pyramids like I should put my own pyramid bumbum one pum pum pum pum pum pum X off it's probably heartburn or lower esophageal spasm it feels like chest pain over the sternum very common usually caused by acid reflux or you're gonna die I don't know you get them reflexes around get them acid reflexes Thank You Trent chat outs you know lets me know you said hi Xavier Lahore glad you enjoyed the stream chat up to you seed gaming Thank You Brendon Brett right Braden Bernhardt thank you for that check with the tents already been said but sourcing again happy birthday just for us a pillar of the GTG elite family masters science and the truly great friend TG thank you for Bill to help him build his family will shout to you chow ku shout to Jess happy birthday everybody give her a nice happy birthday message in chat and shout to everybody who makes this community so fricken awesome I love you all thank you to have to appreciate that Vani thanks for that bad bear Trent mcclee owed appreciate that typical game of the item shop in merchants typical da store at rent you're in a real one big shout to you thank you for the kind words met at repet warrior thanks that sup dude and Lisa Davis so happy my TG merch got delivered yesterday I love it so much hope you have a fantastic day what did you get Lisa she had it to you and I hope you are enjoying it I'm sure you will alright Pleasant park eleven points away go from a thousand Phil twelve eight one one thank you for becoming member as well welcome Lee enjoy those emotes Phil best boy with the two my fair youtuber thank you best boy sorry what did you say you got time now dude how do you feel I didn't tell ya I think you got caught by the filter good son body you actually just got body Dean Lanny modern that's great cuz it I didn't get anything yeah works at it actually didn't get spot I just scored through the goalposts yeah let me gooo Jesus Queen remake your leader of the fluffs Quinn's at Winterfell well spoil it son okay I have like an insane amount of minutes I have 12 minutes on RNG orange gee all right chat me Philippe you're gonna meet up at on New York give me uploading daily vlogs of us eating french hot dogs Frank's hot dog or fish dogs and chicken chalupas okay I have way too many minutes f12 on me right now from collection minis Thank You charlie yeah that's not song doesn't make sense that's the lyrics hi bro oh no butter his eyes she got the wrong state she messed up she messed it up she done dude I got a pump it's a little poem paralog them no yeah yeah oh I swear no cap on ebay okay phone gun so much metal down here what there's no metal either this all whole of their compartment huh oh my goodness I'm in a bunker yeah yeah how's it look like right where I'm at six minis and a big pot strapped huh got no realist ingot now do I never have this stuff you weirdo I'll have your head on a stick you sound like Fisk they sound like Fisk I'll have your head on a stick Russo Hawk show where was Punisher did you watch daredevil have you watch the new season well that's right yeah but I was missing was pretty good sad that they don't have any more coming up to go better I wanted somebody taking New York so I can see LA sir he need you are you going on vacation oh yeah we got in New York to see LA take me to New York come on and see LA I'm pretty sure she means there's like a comma in there don't send your kids to that school don't send your kids to that school this girl's tryna go to New York to see how I hate to break it to you but la is a Canada my god geometry that's a major oh my head I'm going ham in the mothertrucker sandwich burger but dipper run is in okay we need this to be a pop off we have riffs and everything there I have a heavy separate way what I want to lose the World Cup stop savage the wind always have better RNG Savage I need I want to get this number right and they miss savaged 20 million in five thank you for the Hat I want to count the numbers Charles McAllister thing to both you welcome leet enjoyed living this good as well description one let's go they're upset e spaghetti breath hit your boy move up I love that guy down this way I'll get this guy down here okay I'm hopping out oh I just I'm dead I just fell I need just he'll help me with it right there oh he's down here oh I might hope now they're both sitting at me dude they're bullshitting no yo imagine if you hit that girl by it but how do you get exact did we suck we had want the heavy snapper dude it was White House they hit him again with the name you told me to go up with them huh you told me to go up with them I was I was beside you but you are two players down you know cuz when you went up I hit him like I had a guy above you for 50 show and the guy below I had over 20 white not for everything yeah GG gg gg gg GTI was the fall damage well this was World Cup we'd have 18 points jet we just need a couple pop off game soon she said do you love me I said let's dance off 15 points away for the poets away 15 points away 50 points away I want to hit the pole Oh cuz I'm 50 points 200 HP 221 thin for er shots you've got bodied essentially I got all to spam I literally up that mouth set up all the nonsense man I love how you said I'd bet my whole side I will go in theater and if I see him peeking I'm peeking or aiming on anything I know have you just sitting there eating at me I have the best for lower apartment one's lit need help hang on both holy smokes my building come here have a launch pad as well they both have launch pads I have three kills the pusher right now we said you said they're gonna push you said they're gonna be a big bother you guys [Laughter] a big pop for you the guy in the midle Park in this chest hey 129 white for the back building up to me he goes I have three how many do please tell me that happens during actual World Cup that it actually is possible but I don't think they would play like that I had they pushed up funny one year alone Dennis hit me in the belly well one didn't have shield and they pushed on us so as we're four people there I mean yeah reasonable yeah because these are the same kids that I was playing right there's no campfire here isn't like there's no campfire on the floor here isn't I don't think it hasn't I was my collider oh I have a map and a slurp here you want to go to this map or what let me see here it is it's over here here take the start hold it don't use that one doesn't know it's gonna like lutely give this chest Oh what the hell look like there's secret entrance here look like so there's a mini in here what what really jump if I drop by during play all right can we go get the job let's get those certainly that's a good spot to go after somebody come up from the underground straight from the underground good switch up bring up the tag boards is there if maybe I'd see one I'll check he'll be one Maps right here a little bit to the right of that I told you I was referred you I didn't finish when I told you about that it's right here yeah lamp these buildings are loaded who's shooting at me oh they're on the other side of live I'm sorry about what the hell are you trying to accomplish here I got a AR here for you Goldstone somebody right here says that's up here the crash-landed not gonna let me loading I'm reloading just take your time captain editing out of me so I just kept shooting it is everything you need oh oh hey they're so rude they're gliding on us I can't get height oh my bro his teammate has like this guy stole alright yeah here for 74 right here [Applause] down 1032 misty my dad oh my what a flick well that was the flick from frickin that was the fan off backhand I just got them with sock puppet ugh let's go yeah yeah I'm gone with the fan off backhand bro danos lick mine I lick mine I have to verify oh there's a joke joke here I'm actually gonna take the chug chug can you hold Minnie's serves okay here come come let's uh I'm giving you sir so you can say okay I'm gonna hold the jug jug over are glad to redeployed oh oh let's say I use a large bed here or build up bar hit him with the Thanos back slap dude Thanos back he's gonna feel that for a while seven kills by the way wow that's good we good freakin now what'd you say heroin we had all the good loot and this one guy kills me here I'm into this guy's no I'm going let's get him then I know it's not solo hold you hit him play really hard yeah this guy right here this fly is getting this fine [Applause] he flew again I'm chasing him follow me follow me to follow them okay I hit the other guy for all his elves everybody I smacked the other guy there's the chick all dressed in white and pink and their guy brother just keep flying I don't know let's get height on the mound how did you go so much higher than me there we go I was going up that hill yeah oh brother let's see me oh the other one has to no help I just laser to everything off oh I need help I just I'm a fire a little bit just bill to me and chilled right beside me I don't know yes drop in here Paco yes buddy no no no I'm popping a big Chuck ten seconds once there's another I told you I said there was two guys there's a white guy and then there's the other versus oh I'm sorry I just said white guy got one get one on me I can't tell who you are you well where is he I'm so confused see up high he's on here ow ow ow ow sir bro I need heal to music don't any thanks like he jumped up jump down to save my dear dude I marvel is no skin more peeled bill – Fran I just absolutely leveled him he is up West one of the best doc they're gonna go into you really hard they're gonna go on your cake ever no now you good dog I've 330 medal for mess we did lot we can launch everything we already use a lot I have a lawn probably should let's see are they still up there where's the closest geyser can we go east he's down that hill I think we can get height let's go ahead let's go ahead I think they're here Oh what I just fell down the frickin volcano are they in this box oh there's mats here Oh some more I'm just metal oh just wood there's 700 wood here I need it let's grab some of that let's hit the launch all right well I hit a thousand points by the way so there's a come on here we go with you a thousand points go oh I'm getting hitting they're dropping a hard landing with you just build your filter second ooh yells Oh I'm stuck Jesus this game is so weird all right let's just be the beasts up here yeah yeah hey down oh yeah did you get a smash though cuz we should always rock the minigun bro that's just that that is fun real come down here is there not any I'm coming there's Matt's already built here spot though we're right above this hill move let's go back up I have a girl up here okay he's got flying on me he's landing on me why I don't know why is he doing I'm gonna help you no shield no show why are you play like that I'm gonna help you out go yeah Bo that's yours yeah I need help please and thank you why would he do that well what was the point I don't understand that player no bribe max man I'm a happy person he's up like couple of us he didn't have much stuff Ohio better wait mitr white litter away Moulson ela what if I it's not they're all shooting at us you gotta be real careful I have a launch pad watch this right here I just like pace through like a things we're gonna have to launch the next time applause this guy's just got no help no there we go oh wait okay wait right again he's white white white oh my gosh you have been easier now yeah oh shoot you have locked up yeah I got a launch here oh shoot I'm bad dude unfortunately it's not placing I got you a bug Andre I got you a bug are you kidding me are you kidding me how's that I dad said of someone half-turn HP like my lunch had been in place 40 times 40 freakin time come on man well you got top top four top or yeah I'd be good yet sixteen coats all right yeah 16 kills top four what is that I'd be 24 points we need to move sooner though if it was up the hill we should have recognized that you know yeah so we've worked on that zone was like coming towards us yeah and it's told I'm like I'm looking at the ground trying to place it I was like blue yes turns I'm still up that's over 20 points so yeah solid 20 points we got 16 kills instead of 24 points at you it's gonna be my last one there workshop we'd be at 42 points earner bad to the bone thanks for becoming a member and a welcome to the elite man enjoy those emotes iguanas well link in description below that's my last one touka-sama go I need what do you need bro pick a spot and I'll meet them there so huh very interesting well chat look at this a thousand points let me let me see how many all right just that game like we did really good I think we should always hold a minigun I mean he goes nuts yeah that's pretty good cuz like it's so much pressure for him to try to hold that wall and then I'm taking another wall right yeah so five we dropped twenty three points that game there were only on Game four wait twenty-three or twenty-four twenty-three right how many six seven for placement didn't twenty-three right yeah 23 points plus what do we have before 1815 yes so that was Game five it was 18 because you got three kills all right it was 18 so it's six nine three so that's 15 18 plus 23 that's 41 points and five games how many points 41 points in five games no four games five I haven't written we got zero points on Game four like we died off someone that thing or we died we died somewhere oh that's game five now this is game six all right I mean that's pretty good right 41 41 points 41 in five games it's pretty good it's not qualified yet though but we didn't mess up I'm liking wasn't like I think it feels riskier just because of how its set up but like I don't know if it's any riskier than factories yeah that's true but factories if you get the lunette music room then you have that top though yeah that helps but definitely elves yeah over here is like I don't know I like the way I like the way it's like napped all right it's open you you're not at factories so one guy will the one building then there's like actually it will take a while for any of these people – right yeah right great so what's that purple think that's a launchpad I don't see anybody simulating a pirate pump okay the only person I saw was somebody to learn about pirate and apparently I just looked outside to look at this in Pirates the pirate ships hangover good pump in your food whoa what was that noise that's somebody walking your ass hey Ted you hear that noise Oh Gold vending machine will be got here we got here you Reno Legolas you missed him a slurp here but I'll forgive you yeah it's just something from the why you exhales going through a breakup gun someone who can't take that the love that I gave her all right about depression okay let's just go Bo somebody okay sooner or later I'll see your shadows in my room oh my god don't know if I want that I have a big putt here for you you have a minute that's not good that's more blood what do you mean up on your body that's more blood pressure yeah but it's like more blood it's all the chicken wings you all the fish wings can you get this a Bigfoot oh I need a minute oh boy throws to chest listen Punk like I know I understand I get I supports you give me a sec Rachel eager eager beaver sooner or later I'll see your shadows in my room too okay I seen Riku shadows and wife I know yeah it was a very good dream I can tell you that I believe what I need is a mica dream right now more than anything I need a dream on me you know make you only blesses pluses randomly with her dream yes it's not like button if you want me to show up in your dreams possibly be fluffy because we're bad that game we still dropped 16 kills we got to be more confident like that until you go freakin doing your pump by ttv soccer skin yeah smiley face FN TV smile I'm gonna make a ward the frown face cuz I see your shadows not more can I not morning morning good morning I like any don't eat the second one yeah don't want to eat that anymore okay it's kids ahead full chat I just suck I literally I agree with them when he goes up you want me to do this I have to take you on a dr. Phil get some shield I marked where it was where is it in the second in this house basement no it's like for sure in there oh would you look at that on the first floor I know they keep that I know the password to your to your place to keep that you know yeah you ever try to take your debt yeah I'm dead yeah yeah that's one have a surpise gone right you might think I'm dead there give me the one health and I'll go back up to three I'll just be knocked by Star Search dude honey CS twenties phone search what's up nice storm surgeon nice T we're storm surge in this silly rabbit tricks are for kids big Bop I see your shadows in my room right here would you push them Nick solo mark why is he looking like that hey he's on solo this guy here he's no ball no but these kids are looking at us that's no no no Andre no no there's a kid behind you didn't see behind you this is the worst spot to be in right huh Nick fighting we should go up on the right side though how far his own I have a launch pad let's do it man let's go tournament by the way well I have six cleaners wife cleaners do there's a minion here stole my gun you Oh mother we talking about it give me that gun back so what god sake no no it's all good I like that son we hate balls and we don't care who ready ready for them you ready 115 on him left side should we go in now now we shouldn't that's right let's see yet another shutoff fry almost lost my I'm out I'm out almost lost my back you see your shadows in my room think so I think you did do that damage Bolivia office oh they're falling here oh oh oh ones on foot ones a foot head him 99 he's here I don't foot is your heart have a launch yeah we got a launch for some of us it's thinking to launch now watch stopped oh wait okay why they should there literally look how hard they are over there come ah way to go around it I have a campfire this is like oh wow we might actually die it's how far is it we shouldn't have stayed silly though should you ever hear come on I'm gonna go there's quite a bear there's a quarter you build their ass let's go let's go come on Philippe we got it let's go baby let's get over there watch out Hawkeye ready Hawkeye that's good I have never I just lie to me hey yeah tell me about your feelings girl tell me hey come on it's shaker but no I'm asking you come on to shake here but a rep burn it down son come on shut up come on and let go toad sweet should we leave come on hit lick my toes do you want to look down and see what we can get oh okay up there all the way up hide hide out he's gonna hate you bro stay out in the open ya know what are you gonna get that shot on that scarred can you help me farm mats no I get a free shot 100 it rested look up team we're close to the Charter what fun left left white white an animal oh he's so low is he hon he was literally one more iron shot he's dead is he hon oh is he hon hon do Oh hon do huh that'd be a good point I knew should prepare the quad we've got a quad again somebody's here somebody's here somebody's here Quoddy hello oh I just got boat I just got boat for everything I got a fob this bill he's gonna bow you I took his wrist it's okay I have nine minutes on Jerry oh no oh dude come here the risk move away rift going away yeah it's fine it's just the rift went away Oh chill you literally got it move I got a boat super you don't worry where is it I got it sure he's above polar he's all the way at the top yeah he's only the top you should be moving it right now yeah he balled out he's well thought was so low I think should be wrong though I think they're going said he once had a job we should go to the job – okay they should miss from such a weird angle can you please stop okay so guys new solo no he's not but I had one 400 dude these kids what is your part of it should I jump down I got 400 can you break this wall I hate it but not one time both I'll make it look at that you love bowing us from the top did he shoot punk you dirtbag hands Oh Abbi got the drop and we got the Sharov how do you freaking feel mr. bow guy I don't like him Andre can you talk I feel like you let it be known come on in liquor but well he's right here oh I had to aim touch you can bow these kids are pretty sure out of some I'm gonna build on this base okay it'll be here well the building on here so you can go fill the base so you're some shocking element not only man I've 16 please like I want her shotgun anyone give me back why you're toxic I saw you talking do you have any like extra would please flip me huh we're getting dynamited over here I have a roof to go back do you have a heavy sniper no guys heavies never yeah I literally just matrix up with it Oh Billy metal challenging you shoot him out we're gonna go up one more or two more I went up so high but it's worth the climb man look up I'm up yet this guy landing on him right below you we went so high up there right here southeast 31 careful with South challenges it might be taken they might be taking our shots out of her basement sounds like it sounds like they're doing that you pipe hold on I have a rim to go stuff he rested fish rifted high above us guy buffets lit 24 or way right here look look look I marked it these guys are all gonna fight here I'm breaking this ball oh my god great this wall this one you wanna go break this one wait to watch him break this wall no absolutely we can hold him I got a rest right yeah just keep doing that ODF ar mo baby shit 595 I'm have to grab it let's fold these guys yeah I'm some [Applause] very nice you know we're gonna have to go live this whole way yeah but it's all good you know why that's where edge is Otis let's build on this clicker that's what I'm doing once below me in front of me she's got right beside me oh I'd knock them out don't know why he's down we have height actually we can okay drop down are you well you know laundry we're just building rows thank you minis oh hey nice I let them all up all the ones here this way back that's good for us drop them to the ground landing on one white one white fish is white fish the white one I got another we're put they're pushing us take I it yeah I got Matt I got Matt's six people left I'm gonna grab some of these next they're all floors all floor you got one we have one 300 right you are two more oh they're screwed the wind is known is the other dead be zero yes we're actually pretend the nine to do stuff a 16-point 57 points oh yeah yeah we know what you insane fellow in here and it's got the big brain present IQ you know we going in alright so we do pretty good in our 6:00 news six games 51 points 57 points we had one throwaway right you can have a throwaway we probably like what 60 something yeah we definitely we definitely be better if you have and then we'd have how many more games left for more for more but we probably want to be able to finish maybe yes true but even though that could still bring us top time right yeah but we need number one how does how gonna get ninety four points he's nuts dude well just like our first game was six second game nine third game 33 recently get more points in every game you know if we averaged yeah game 523 game 616 like any more of those yeah we need to get placement every time this we do because if you get placement every time you could probably play what like seven eight games right yeah you like the call wait till you shoot them out I hate them both for 200 or I hit them both were and in depth in your damage but I previously Hill one so I knocked out the kid you like the hill call progress I had the Flint knocks to somebody knock me down is good that's how I held him or a play knocks greasy bro super Gracie anyway Chad that's gonna be it for this one I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did be sure to hit that like button subscribe for new star Lord outfit is out now you guys are gonna copy it and want to suborn me bottom right support a creative type in typical gamer just like this and it except there's a bunch of cool stuff here if you did watch and rusty before you drop a fat like on this video subscribe for new Jaden Phillips hooligan G and bad to the bail and thank you all for becoming members welcome delete and enjoy those emotes if you want to join as well link in the description below got a couple of super chats here that I'm gonna read it as well ok yeah have a good one bro appreciate thank you oh my god all right Lisa Davis with the five hero team the small mousepad making my computer setup look even better I think you're gonna have to buy some more merch for my sister now that's what's tough Lisa shout out to you and that's awesome you're gonna love the mousepad and he roti staple they're both very good staples I just jumped julen Calloway thank you for that Zac Carrizo I believe he's streaming on Saturday yes Saturday and Sunday I'll be streaming shout out to Falcon turtle do you like beach sand love you man I like beach sand it's good it's good sand good San Max Keiser with the tent hey Felipe I hope you have an awesome day glad to see you on the for night grind are you ready for tonight season nine please tell Samara and Miko I said hi tge leave forever max big shout out to you you know I'm ready bro I'm always ready I'm excited for all these World Cup things though even if we don't qualify we're doing super well in the tournaments and I'm happy about it and we got a thousand points and champion League which is pretty nutty shoutout to you max thank you for the positivity Julian Callaway thank you for that we have Erik Vargas Jess rust Andre you and the TG elite really made my day the most amazing family anyone could ever have much love for you all thank you for being so awesome bringing us together TG elite Jess you're a fart chicag big shout out to you and I hope you have the best birthday ever thank you for making everyone's day better Sebastian duty thank you for that shout out to you almost let somebody know you said hi bacon Fuji TV thank you for that glad I could be your favorite man it means a lot Karthik Uli and Mike mods we have you watched season into Game of Thrones I have not I will have to catch up with that very very soon so no spoilers pls no spoilers no that's gonna be written for this one I think I'll do a days gone stream maybe if not I'll try to do my best to record it for another day so be on the lookout that's gonna be it for this one I'll see you guys next one thanks for watching hope you've got some day and peace