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10 Things Every Pokemon Player Hates

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We love Pokemon, but there’s some things in it that every Pokemon fan hates.
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Gouri Jing's Bluefins michael here and we've all played pokemon at some point in our lives whether it be a main series game pokemon go or even some of the spin-offs but while pokemon is a wonderful story franchise that has brought myself and most likely you a lot of joy over the years there are some aspects of it that kind of suck I thought it'd be fun to talk about some of those aspects so without further ado here are 10 things every pokemon player hates the first thing that every pokemon player hates is having to deal with full storage whether it's in a main series game or in Pokemon go at some point you've definitely run out of room for items or maybe even Pokemon as well currently in the main series games you cannot have a full bag you have infinite storage but that wasn't always the case in the generation 1 2 & 3 games your bag could fill up forcing you to store extra ones in the PC this is exceptionally annoying especially if you realize your bag is full in the middle of a route you're forced to either toss some items in your bag or go all the way back to the PC put some stuff in that PC then go all the way back to the middle of the route where that item was a massive inconvenience and in Pokemon go a full bag is a perpetual problem how many times have you tried to swipe a stop or open a gift only for that your bag is full window to pop up forcing you to either delete some items in your bag or go to the store and upgrade your bag storage for me it's probably been at least a thousand times and no matter how much I upgrade my bag storage I always seem to be full full pokemon storage is an issue as well but it tends to happen less frequently in my experience in Pokemon go I definitely filled up on Pokemon storage before but it happens far less often than a full bag since I tend to transfer most Pokemon as soon as I catch them and it takes like a minute to catch one Pokemon whereas one swipe of a stop gives you like three or four items and in the main series games if your Pokemon storage fills up honestly I'm just impressed the next thing all Pokemon players hate is Pokemon fleeing a Pokemon breaking out of a pokeball is definitely annoying but it's usually not too bad because you still have more chances to catch it and it can sometimes even be desirable in Pokemon go if you're trying to go for three consecutive excellent throws on a large easy to hit pokemon but a pokemon running away instantly ending your chances of catching it is never not frustrating Abra is one of the more famous Pokemon to immediately flee a battle but its high catch rate usually makes it not too much of an issue the Safari Zone in the main series games is the real tough spot though the Safari zone and all the various different games can be really frustrating because most of them include Pokemon you can't catch anywhere else and those Pokemon tend to be very rare so it'll take you a really long time to find one and then once you do it's probably gonna run away since Safari balls are just great balls and if you're trying to catch a low catch rate Pokemon at full health with just a great ball it's probably not gonna work it is worse in Pokemon go though since if a really rare Pokemon runs away from you you have no idea when you're gonna see it again if a chancy runs from you in the Safari zone it may take you a while to find another one but you know you can find it there you're eventually gonna find another one in Pokemon go if that chance he runs from you better hope you hatch one a related but much more severe thing that all Pokemon players hate is failing a shiny which if you're unaware means that you encounter a catchable shiny pokemon and don't catch it every shiny hunter has at some point or another failed a shiny pokemon it's almost like a rite of passage but even if you're not someone who spends time dedicated to specifically seeking out a shiny chances are that at some point or another you've randomly run into one and due to either an unfortunate mistake or just plain bad luck that shiny pokemon got away it could happen due to the pokemon fleeing you being out of pokeballs you're not realizing it's a shiny and running away Kay owing it by accident or it Kaling itself and whenever failing as shiny happens it's always a massive disappointment since shiny pokemon are so rare you have no idea when you're gonna find another one unless it's an ultra wormhole shiny those are more common than chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant the next thing all Pokemon players hate is missing an attack this is a main series only issue but it's a big one there is something primally irritating about your turn going completely to waste hitting and doing only a little bit of damage stinks but missing completely is awful it's even worse if that hit was going to KO and because it missed you didn't KO it's even worse than that if the move has 95% accuracy and misses why even have 95% accurate moves just make them 100% one thing I like to say about Pokemon moves is that if it's not 100 percent accurate it's fifty percent accurate so I'm gonna choose accuracy over power basically every time and since missing attacks is so frustrating if my pokemons accuracy gets lowered I am switching it out as soon as possible on the flip side of that if my opponent raises its evasion well huh the next entry on this list is something that is different from the previous entry but hated for the same reasons and that is immobilizing status conditions remember how I said that there's something exceptionally irritating about your turn going completely to waste having your Pokemon just sit there and do nothing while your opponent gets to do something immobilizing status conditions exponentially increase the likelihood of that happening paralysis sleep freeze confusion and infatuation are all status conditions that are either guaranteed or have a chance to prevent your pokemon from attacking meaning you're sitting there having no idea when or if your Pokemon is going to get to attack again and of course if the opposing Pokemon gets any of these status conditions its chance of not being able to move is less than half of yours trust me on this that's just how it works definitely have empirical unbiased evidence of that I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I would much rather be poisoned burned or cursed and just takes some damage every turn rather than have a chance of my Pokemon being completely useless the next entry is every person's least favorite Pokemon drought biome Caves every single square in a cave is an encounter square meaning that if you are out repels those geodude's zubats and all the other obnoxious cave Pokemon will not leave you alone additionally if you need to get out of there in a hurry you can't fly because you are underground so your only options are to either dig or teleport neither of which are as prevalent outside of battle moves as fly or you need to use an escape rope which while you can find them I don't like spending money on them most are also very Mazie making them difficult and annoying to navigate through especially if it's one of the worst types of caves ones that require flash the most useless outside of battle move because it is the most useless inside of battle speaking of outside of battle moves that's the next thing all Pokemon players hate H ends thank God they got rid of these in the generation 7 games because when they were around in the main series games they were always an annoyance I understand that the game designers needed a creative way to prevent players from progressing too far in the game too quickly thus making them encounter Pokemon that are too strong for them to handle however making that progression method negatively impact your battling was a mistake ancient moves were always a huge hindrance to your pokemons movesets because most of the time they're pretty weak sure surf is a great move but cuts based power is only 50 rock smashes is only 40 and prior to generation 4 it was only 20 and worst of all is flash it doesn't do any damage so to handle this you're stuck either removing a useful move slot from one of your Pokemon decreasing your overall team count to 5 so you can have a slot for an HM slave or going back to the PC to fetch an hm using Pokemon whenever you needed that specific hm all three options are incredibly annoying and inconvenient Plus as an added hindrance you can't delete hm moves unless you're at the move delete er oh you taught your Combusken cut by mistake right after the first gym badge in Hoenn well sucks to be you cuz you can't delete cut until you beaten gym six I don't know a single Pokemon fan that doesn't hate H ends and isn't grateful for their departure right Pokemon are so much more convenient and honestly a lot cooler next we have surprise rival battles the newer Pokemon games tend to be nicer to you with these but back in the day these could be brutal rival battles are always noticeably harder than any regular trainer battle so after you've done several regular trainer battles trudging through a route with your Pokemon half-dead being blindsided by a rival battle can be extra tough I'll never forget getting ambushed by my rival in my first playthrough of Kanto and LeafGreen I just come all the way through mount moon had a beatdown team and happen to run into him before entering the pokémon center it did not go well some people might complain that the newer rivals are too nice and friendly and makes them less interesting but I must say I do appreciate them not cheap shot challenging me in a tough situation the penultimate entry on this list is something that every pokemon player hates along with every other person on the planet and that is money problems being limited to how many potions or pokeballs you can buy because you're too low on money really stinks because you never know when you're gonna need more I'm sure all of you have at some point been in a really tight battle but have run out of potions because you couldn't afford to buy more and that could be the difference between winning and losing thankfully money problems tend to get less severe the further into a Pokemon playthrough you get but they can really make the early game extra tough they're also frustrating in Pokemon go especially if you're someone who doesn't like to spend real money on the game which by the way kudos to you you have way more willpower than me Pokemon go limits how many poke a coins you can get a day to just fifty so even if you're consistently defending and putting Pokemon in gyms all the time it'll take you a month of doing that every day to afford an ultra box and since those are only around for a limited amount of time missing them sucks and finally the last thing that every Pokemon player hates at least one Pokemon every Pokemon player has a favorite Pokemon several pokemon they like a lot and a ton of Pokemon that they're totally neutral to but that also means they have at least one Pokemon that they thoroughly despise whether it's because the Pokemon cost a super frustrating experience for you or do you just think it's ugly for every person there is one or more Pokemon that they would prefer was never in the series also if you're one of those people who says I don't hate any Pokemon you're lying there's at least one you hate at least one strongly disliking it is the same as hating it this entry is very general and doesn't name a specific Pokemon because the Pokemon that people dislike are going to vary wildly since everyone has their own opinion for example the Pokemon that I hate the most is miltank for you it might be miltank for your friend it's certainly miltank and for everyone else it should be miltank hopefully you like a lot more Pokemon than you hate but with as many Pokemon as there are there's bound to be at least one rotten apple in the orchard so there we have it those are 10 things every pokemon player hates now obviously Pokemon is a series we love very much but it is kind of fun to rag on it for the parts of it that we hate let me know down in the comments below if you agree with my list and if there are any things about Pokemon that you hate that I didn't mention let me know those as well also if you enjoyed this video don't forget to drop a like it helps me out a lot and if you are new here you should totally subscribe I make lots of fun Pokemon videos all the time that I am sure you will enjoy all right that's all I have for now so don't next time to give hands got to catch the mom