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10 Reasons You MUST Play Classic World Of Warcraft

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Here are 10 Reason’s Why You MUST Play Classic World Of Warcraft:

#10 The Classesa re actually all unique and different
#9 No Flying mounts, the game world will feel like a world again
#8 The Economy will actually matter again
#7 The World will be alive again
#6 The game will actually have a community again
#5 The game will be challenging again
#4 The Overall experience will matter again (1-60)
#3 It will revitalize the game (bring people back)
#2 It will probably save the game
#1 It will show the WoW developers how to design the game moving

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guys it's actually happening Wow classic he's actually coming it's actually going to be a real thing after all the news story is shit after all the developers said no we're never gonna do vanilla we were never gonna go back it's not possible after absolutely every single thing the past like in the past ten years Wow classic is finally gonna be a reality and these are 10 reasons why you should be excited for while classic number 10 the classes are actually all unique and different so classes are so homogenized now in the current game in while classic they're actually different they actually are unique they actually do different things some classes can only CC some classes just suck at that some classes are not really viable in some roles especially some specs but it all adds flavor to the game it all makes the game so much more fun to play because every single class plays so much differently now in the game like it's all like mostly DPS class it's always about building resources and then like spending them and it's just it's all the same like it's like they took the road combat system and they just applied it to all the meal a GPS in World of Warcraft but in WoW classic and it's all different you have ret paladin's running around with completely different gameplay compared to other DPS specs in the game you have arms warriors fury warriors completely different rogues enhancement shamans it's just all the classes are so unique and just fun to play and you're gonna want to play like they're gonna do a lot of really and you're gonna have a lot of fun playing these classes again and just seeing how unique and and different they are than each other number 9 there's no flying mounts the game will feel like a world again the game world will be alive it'll actually matter like traversing the world will actually be a journey it's not just going to be like flying over absolutely everything just to get to whatever place you want to get to it'll actually matter and that's where ground mounts will actually matter getting your you're a hundred percent speed ground will actually matter it'll feel rewarding you'llyou'll farm the gold you know first you level up which is gonna take you fucking forever but then you're gonna farm the gold it's gonna take you like a long time because most people have no idea how to make gold but in while classic they're gonna have to figure it out if they're gonna want to use their ground mounts unless they sell themselves on Craig Craigslist and which is which is actually happened I think in the past for some players but some for most of us we're gonna you're gonna have to learn how to make gold in the game which leads to number eight the economy will actually matter again it'll actually like making gold in this game will actually be a rewarding experience the professions will actually be a rewarding experience because it'll matter you can go through this entire game and you can just pretty much focus on professions and then you can get like crafted gear and while it's not like raiding gear it's not gonna be like the best gear in the game you know like getting these crafted sets and like making these crafted sets it's all a rewarding experience cuz it all comes together it's just gonna be so much better than it is in the current game which leads to number seven the world will actually be alive again so they'll have players everywhere in this game you're not just gonna have players that are stuck in like the capital cities it's you're gonna have players everywhere in the world and every single zone in the world for the most part it's gonna it's gonna feel so alive like you're gonna go to fucking Barons you're gonna go mm needles you're gonna go to Elwynn forest duskwood all the major zones in the game or for the most part gonna have players running around in them and that's it's gonna continue for a long time because the leveling experience actually matters in this game so like a lot of the content is actually level 1 to 59 and they're gonna have twinks as well which is gonna have a huge Twinkie community and yeah so just all its all the world's gonna be alive which leads to number 6 the game will actually have a community again so people will actually have to work together in large numbers just to get through the call the content and get through the game in order to do group quests and like kill elite mobs and everything like everybody's gonna have to come together and in order for players like you can't just I mean you could go through this game as a single solo player but for the most part you're gonna have you're gonna want to group and you have to walk to dungeons or I use the Keystone's or whatever but either way you're still like you can't just instant queue a dungeon and you have to actually get a group of people together and go to the dungeon and that's gonna build this community so by the time you hit level cap you're gonna have like a lot of like a big friends list with a bunch of players on your friends list and then which is gonna leave like active guild and then you're gonna get into these guilds and maybe you'll build I mean unless you're completely socially inept but even if you are I mean you still can get into these guilds and and have fun and do dungeons even if you're not raiding which leads to number five so the game will actually be challenging again it'll actually be hard to progress through this game not only is Loveleen gonna be much slower it's gonna be hard a lot of players are gonna be like frustrated with a lovely and experienced they they honestly don't realize because like the first like I don't know like the first twenty levels in the game is pretty straightforward but then after that it's like a kind of a chore to level because it's so spread out like the it's not like such a linear experience like it is in the current game you're actually gonna have to traverse the world you're gonna have to might even have to read some old lovely and guides and stuff but either way it's gonna be a challenge to get to level cap and then when you get to level cap it's gonna be a challenge to actually get gear it's actually gonna be it's not something you can just like face roll through and then like you get to level cap and then you like instant or unless you buy like a pretty much almost a level capped character which is what you can do in the current game and you can't do in classic so that being said like you're gonna have to actually level up and you're gonna actually have to work hard to progress through the game which leads to number four the overall experience will actually matter again so level one to sixty or pretty much level one to 59 that's a huge chunk of the game that's the overall experience that that's like a lot of players are gonna be in this level bracket between 1 to 59 and it's not just like rush to level cap and then do the content it's like you every single like pretty much every 5 to 10 levels it's gonna have to kind of its own like specific little community involved in the game because it takes a fair amount of time to level through the content so like you're gonna have people actually leveling in the world and actually doing quests and actually progressing whereas in the current game you don't have that like nobody well pretty much like a lot of people don't even do quests level anymore they just make their character and then they Institute dungeons for the most part or they like I don't know like bye-bye the character to like level I think it's a level hundred and ten and then they just do the last ten levels pretty much for the most part nobody wants to level anymore whereas in classic like and it's gonna be like this for a long time is gonna you're always gonna have people in in the game world and and and lovely and getting to level 60 like the people that are level capped that's not that's like such a small percentage of the actual people that are gonna be playing classic 1 to 59 is actually gonna matter which leads to number 3 it's gonna revitalize the game it's gonna bring a bunch of people back is it gonna hold these people are these people gonna stay probably not everybody for the most part like I'd probably say at least probably half if not more than more of the people will probably not stay because they're gonna realize that this game is fucking hard to play and it's so not rewarding it's like almost like taking Dark Souls and and putting in into world Warcraft that's how unforgiving the game can be but that being said the people that do stay and it's gonna be a lot of people that probably do stay for quite a while especially with how they're gonna release the content in stages it's gonna keep the game at least classic around for a long time and it's gonna bring these huge communities are gonna come back and it's just gonna bring back the community it's gonna bring back a bunch of old players it's gonna bring back it's gonna bring in some new players who never got to experience classic it's gonna be a great experience especially the first year it's gonna be just so great and then maybe they can take that and then you know go forward with that which leads to number two it's probably gonna save the game in the end I mean at least for a while it's gonna extend the life of the game because so many subscribers have already left the game it's gonna bring a lot of people back and in doing so it's probably gonna like bring them a lot of subscribers back which is gonna put more money into the hands of a blizzard and then Blizzard is gonna be able to you know say hey like look this game is still like alive and is still very successful then they're gonna do that and they're gonna bleed then the publisher is gonna be like Caleb we ought to keep this game going and then you know they're gonna have money for the next expansion packs coming you're gonna probably have two different versions of the game going at the same time but it's gonna it's just gonna like revitalize the game and it's gonna it's gonna save the game in the long run because otherwise without classic the game would just consistently bleed subs bleed sobs and tell there's like nobody else nobody really playing the game anymore whereas classic will bring back a lot of people and then maybe it might even encourage some people to kind of play the current version of the game as well as bad as battle for Azeroth is I mean let's be real it's not far from a very good expansion it's probably on the same level as warlords of draenor at this point but it's gonna keep it's gonna bring some players back and then it's gonna keep the game going which leads to number one it will show the current World of Warcraft developers how to design the game moving forward so they might actually take some elements from classic Wow and put it into the next expansions in the upcoming expansion packs and and try to put the soul back into the game and I know like this is probably very optimistic thing to say but I mean like if they see that Wow classic is more successful than the current version of the game they're gonna have to take elements of classic and put it into the current version of the game and they're gonna have to admit that they were wrong with a lot of the changes that they've made so it's actually kind of like a big fuck you to the world of warcraft to the current world of warcraft developers because it's basically saying that the game that the world of warcraft developers developed 15 years ago that game that they put together that they developed is better than the current product right now 15 years later which is basically saying the old developers were better and are better than the current developers developing the game so they're gonna have to go back in time and look at what classic and be like okay we need to bring this back into the current game that way we might get an expansion pack that is similar in some aspects to classic Wow and then that might push the game forward and keep the game alive and it'll show while developers how to design the game moving forward so this concludes the Telep ten reasons why you should be excited for classic Wow because it's gonna bring back all these players it's gonna have a community again the world will be alive again the economy will matter again there's no flying mounts the classes are actually different and not homogenized it's gonna revitalize the game it's probably gonna save the game despite all the negativity and there's gonna be people out there being like well you know while classics just gonna be like a thing for like six months then it's just gonna no one's gonna play it that's not true watch watch and learn and watch and see how many people play this game and the community that this game holds is how it revitalizes the game and how it keeps the game alive because it's gonna be the one thing that saves this game and keeps it going for at least the next couple years at least for I don't know I would say at least five years or so more because with outlaw plastic coming back Warcraft would be on its deathbed it would be very close to being on its deathbed and you know while classic is gonna be the the one thing that comes back and saves the game and watch watch that watch that happen so again thanks for watching the video shit on me in the comments section down vote my video I don't give a fuck anymore I just had to make this video you need to play wild classic support wild classic if you like role to Warcraft support wild classic send that middle finger to the current while developers and maybe they will change the current version of the game and make it more in line with their old development philosophies thanks for watching rate comment subscribe peace out