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10 Most Horrific Demons In World of Warcraft

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Covering top 10 most horrific demons in World of Warcraft.
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The top 10 most horrific demons in World of Warcraft. Covering some of the scariest and most horrific demons of the Burning Legion.

From Shivarra as introduced in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade up to the Aranasi and Fel Lords that we have seen in WoW Legion, I talk about some of the scariest and most powerful demons. I go through very creepy demons such as Ur’zul and the Observers but I also talk about very scary but in a powerful way such as the Doomguards and the Pitlords.

While not as creepy as some of the Lich King’s creations that I have covered in the top 10 most horrific undead creations, it is important to remember that the Lich King was created by the Burning Legion.

All of the footage used in the video is copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment unless stated otherwise.

this video is sponsored by GTA use cashback code or on for 3 percent off on for craft products hello guys this is Dawn's movies and today I'll be giving you top 10 most horrific demons and World of Warcraft covering some of the scariest and most powerful demonic creations in the game so without further ado let's get into the law number 10 severa horrific creatures that we first never encountered in Outland the Sahara or Siobhan our sixth armed female demons averaging twenty to thirty feet in height which is around eight meters very little is known about him aside from the fact they're scary that they will Attalla weapons and are extremely powerful these priestesses only live to evangelize the power of circular saws Burning Crusade and are known to be more fanatical than pretty much any other demon out there definitely not someone you'd want to do battle with number nine or sow the creepiest on this list also are creatures formed from tormented bodies and souls of the Fallen members of the army of the light they seem to be doglike creatures with multiple editor heads in among aside from the army of the light there is also a spell that steals the souls of the broken Draenei and creates new Orzel these creatures look more like something that a legend would create as opposed to sir get us but it is important to remember that even the lich king and his courage were actually created by the Burning Legion nonetheless or also are eerie beans number eight fell guards the iconic footman of the Burning Legion fell guards are one of the more common yet very powerful demon units they are strong physically and they almost always wield heavy two-handed weapons they're completely fearless and incredibly if not almost mindlessly loyal to their masters at around eight feet or 240 centimeters they are much larger than most mortals and are quite imposing half of their body is unarmored while the other half is very heavily armored fell guards are actually a part of the influential more Grace and I like most of their brethren they didn't have their bodies changed by Bionic parts fell Lords are the more evolved and more powerful version of the fell guards as one of the most common footmen they were a crucial part of the Burning Legion structure number seven Satan the Satan were once nigel's it all originated with xavius a highborn sorcerer that was very close to Shara did his failures during the War of the Ancients he was destroyed and remade into a horrific demonic form subsequently he would start spitting the curse to other Night Elves and even other races when the Burning Legion was defeated a large part of the surviving satyr and demons battled against the Night Elves in the event known as the war of the city they were almost completely destroyed by the newly formed fog and ruins after that they would live in the dark woods mainly in the form of sects and were quite isolated still they would never regain their former glory the sainted are very good at building magic and they're physically powerful at the same time worst of all they have the ability to spread the curse which is how they remained relevant for over 10,000 years today they're almost extinct but a still feared as the demons haunting the woods number six dreadlords the net regime are one of the most intelligent sinister and dangerous members of the Burning Legion they are vampire like beings with powerful manipulation powers mind control abilities and overall scary corpse-like appearance they're almost on par with the Eredar when it comes to magic making them one of the most powerful spell casters in the entire universe since the formation of the Burning Legion they have been the brains behind the demonic armies and responsible for much of their success their abilities are incredibly scary being able to turn the world's against each other brother against brother and then turning the defeated armies into slaves during the Third Ward the trade laws were the jailers of the Lich King and were crucial in the newest innovation recently Illidan had invaded their homeworld of natalie's are causing a cataclysmic explosion obliterating a great part of it as the burning region was defeated the GNAT regime lost their power but they still exist number five fel hounds the fel hounds are probably the most notable burning legion cannon fodder and footmen they are twisted animal-like creatures and are something between a wolf a bug and a reptile and an incredibly fast and powerful for their size be possessed sharp teeth horns claws in a tick hide and some fur atop their back they have two long tentacles also used for combat fare hounds are often utilized by the Legion to sniff out sources of magic as they actually feed on it and they're especially fond of draining the life energies out of a spellcaster for this reason they're often referred to as mana stalkers or fail stalkers as alien like leeches something from starcraft as in the zerg they were a very numerous and still exists to this day despite the small size they're able to easily pick apart most humanoids and were heavily used by the Burning Legion number for observers one of the creepier honest list the observers are literally a floating head native to the twisting nether these demons contain two rows of teeth seven eyes and ten tentacles observers can shoot magic beams through the eyes with different types of magic coming from each other the ankh observers can only have a single eye and they're generally less aggressive they are one of the least loyal members of the Legion and it is even said they're not even the members of the Burning Legion but just taking part because they're interested they have a deep desire to witness magic and can see through stealth and invisibility be very in power from very powerful to only just regular minions still they have proven to be quite the assets to the Burning Crusade number three are a nasty demons that were only recently introduced in the game but are seemingly very powerful and very high in the chain of command the era Nazr Ark not demons are mixed between spiders and humanoids standing on two legs with wings some speculated the remnants of a forgotten race in a world at the Burning Legion conquered many many years ago this could mean that they're either a native race that they recruited but most likely they are a race that fought him but was defeated and then twisted and corrupted to serve the Burning Legion from what we have seen their agile intelligent can wield magic and some are even known to create poison scary creatures nonetheless number two doom gods known as the arid ruin these demons are said to have been the Titans clowns and slaved to police the use of arcane magic sir Gareth would free them and make them one of the greatest assets of the newly formed Burning Legion do gods are massive creatures and extremely powerful not only are they huge but they also have wings meaning that they're humongous flying demons they usually build massive blazing souls and are heavily armored there are different power levels to them but some are known to be able to defeat entire armies with just their sheer strength aside from the physical aspect they're very intelligent and are generally commanders and they're utilized to lead troops into battle having a clear view from the air devoted to their pet loadmasters the revel in the destruction of planets and lastly number one pit Lords dia Michelin commonly known as Spade Lords are one of the most powerful demons of the entire Burning Legion they were native to the twisting nether and were demons before the legion even became a thing they are quite the opposite to dreadlords as they're all about brute force kil Jaeden recruited these monstrosities and since then they were always quite high in the chain of command most of the time their genitals and only come into battle when they can really make an impact sometimes being used as living siege engines these features were so powerful that one of them man rod essentially started the entire oldish horde and the invasion of Azeroth as they drank his blood they are massive humongous lizard like creatures and usually will the double bladed pour most of them have been defeated so far but these gigantic creations were literally one of the top demon races within the Burning Legion thank you for watching make sure to check out top ten most horrific innovations and check out the second channel by clicking on the link in the description below see you next time