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10 IQ vs 300 IQ NADES ! – CS:GO BEST ODDSHOTS #358

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Let’s compare 10 IQ vs 300 IQ nades, funny, sometimes lucky moments will bring some
smile on your face (hopefully). But yeah, cs go nades are weird. Enjoy the vid !

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we're on csgo dotnet if you click here and enter my new promo code c SB you will get sick 25% bonus now i will show you how to open cases this one is perfect first try let's go oh my god and i was lucky again visit csgo top mad guys good job who can you save your future [Laughter] right all right Molly drown star into it okay Oh [Laughter] wraparound will get rewarded there we go oh that was weird yeah this always happens it's just too in sync we're actually twins that were separated at birth wraparound will get rewarded that was weird [Applause] we had hid behind the oh good name and that's the bad part by boosting this gun but and then you know obviously the B play comes it you ne lose glaive who had the cz so it's not the end of the world if he's able to get one or two kills as well oh it's like we're on the swing this is nice do we go down the slide we better cuz that's a new one Russia's been working away on these what a game under it's very hostile either default triple-triple at this corner okay oh nice a so triplet so uh why is absurd adoptive sure yeah what do you did we got it in through pause for the pop flash looking to get the first flick can't find it it is refreshed now they're all so weak gets himself the first one two more players to find as time is of the essence it it's the next one we fresh is on for this one we'll play to go starts to get really close here now for shocks and refresh what's a clutch movers fastest time I feel so lucky just to charge you mine see hard if you the world you not like you saw the girls you've got so much worth I'll be them here that you deserve a and you don't want to chase no one I know sometimes when you wait too long it goes away and then it's too late you should never be afraid to take a leap of faith oh my god just fires I have a shot Esperanto drops and now it's hunter versus three smoke guy and an 8k picked up hunter school or to work to do and what a triple kill transfers to spray right onto the face of sea power patience you know cuz a lot of players would you know you want to be killing four players just one two three four snappy getting what's up guys look at you thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed this video winner of giveaway from last episode is shown on the screen and in this one you can win a tablet liatris field-tested all you have to do is join our army community by subscribing consent to leave like and comment about the video good luck and see you in the next episodes