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0,000001% CARE PACKAGE!! – Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay Ep.70

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0,000001% CARE PACKAGE!! – Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay Ep.70

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Oh What A Whirl – Gavin Luke
Hard Way To Better (Instrumental Version) – Siine
Step On It 1 – Magnus Ringblom
An Unstoppable Message 2 – Sebastian Forslund
Twang Factor 2 – Martin Carlberg.
Hands Up 1 – Magnus Melander

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turbocharger heard that it's in this it's in this lifeline pack my calling right now watch joint that uh possess get on the top eighteen lifeline in America I think I know my blight packs when I call them did I not tell you [Laughter] okay yes excuse me excuse me how'd you die to a fall what oh I saw those nice count back reloading enemy down some uh place clip that dks safe and under the care of all the hon Switzer yeah during the guess and I guess they're close that's that down one down one one more that one guys and smile light light light literally one nice way to heal up do you weapon malfunction did you I literally just died to a portal why do you dye the Bangalore dock is it let go oh my god Oh before the meal it'll pick one up coming logically possibly enemy where's the long-ago okay we got it say it hey bloodhound say it say it are you gonna say it or you can type it too you can type it to either one I'm legit letting some bleed out I don't care so you say you love us say it bloodhound hello hello say it say it hi I'm leaving him I'm over it don't care about here for you he's gonna watch why hi didn't do that I wouldn't let me shoot a bunch of what the fuck is wrong with my aims you fucking kill me kill me now fucking now tell me now I can't move you can't get it literally can't get through this fucking fucking let me through man jesus fucking christ all right I'm gonna go review revive you but before I do you need to do something for me one minute all right go you have to call me daddy I just I mean you kind of all my bad ear on that all the carrying you but you have to say it like you mean it 45 we need fire because if you don't it's just I'm not gonna do it you gotta be quick about it I'm gonna go jump I'm jumping I find your offering worthy [Laughter] wait this guy actually just killed us both dude I I'm gonna start this game somebody clip that my grenade daily traps my grapples up the one push a me down